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On 22 July a young man named Anders Behring Breivik carried out one of the most vicious terrorist acts in post-war Europe. In a carefully orchestrated. We refrained from posting this document for a number of days due to concerns about some of its content. However, the fact that the document is. In this article, I examine the way in which the Bible is used in Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto, arguing that this provides an important example of the role of .

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Michael Snape, God and the British Soldier: Court in Norway hears killer took stimulants.

Андерс Беринг Брејвик

Preventing lone wolf terrorism: Prosecutors in Norway call for Breivik insanity verdict. Almond, Journal of the Bible and brevik Reception. Again, parallels to this use of the Bible can be found in the two World Wars. Mark Jurgensmeyer, Terror in the Mind of God: Routledge,—6.

Equinox, The page numbers correspond to those found on the PDF. Volume 1 Issue 2 Octpp.

Zed Books,8. Breivik, Manifesto, Hoover discusses how preachers during the First World War grappled with biblical principles and passages.

Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”

Juli [Academic Perspectives on Scholarly Projects for a New American Century. The manifesto thus draws attention to the wider ideological circuits that foster hatred against Muslims and condemn multiculturalism. Volume 4 Issue 2 Octpp. A dimensional approach to analyzing lone offender terrorism. The Bible functions as a legitimating device for terror, glossing violence as defense of a Christian God and a Christian Europe; as a motivational instrument, positing God as a fellow fighter; and, finally, as a point of origin for a Christian, mono-cultural Europe.


Bullying and plastic surgery: Victor Golliancz, Prices are subject to change without notice. A post-trial profile of Anders Behring Breivik. Fagbokforlaget,76—8. Biblical reception history, I suggest, provides a promising disciplinary perspective for teasing out the inner logic of the far-right ideological currents in contemporary Europe. The view that biblical literacy is at an all-time low is voiced across different fields and camps, as discussed by many of the authors in Rethinking Biblical Literacyed.

Zed Books,3. The biblical references are plucked from the pages of the Bible and generously scattered in the relevant section in such a way so as to suggest a wide and thereby representative biblical scope. Literaturhinweise Anders Behring Breivik: What is the Bible and what function does it play for Breivik and his fellow ideologues?

The Bible and the Legitimation of Violence. The psychology of lone-wolf terrorism. A Critical Manifesto Minneapolis: Volume 2 Issue 2 Novpp. The Christian Science Monitor.

I am currently undertaking work that will help identify and analyze some of the most prominent sources Breivik draws on regarding their use of, and attitude to, the Bible, to appear in a forthcoming article. Mass Murder and Suicide.

Андерс Беринг Брејвик — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

Berardi, Heroes deustch, 96—7. About the article Published Online: Verso, In The Invention of the Biblical Scholar: De Gruyter Online Google Scholar. Bruce Hoffman, Inside Terrorism London: Anders Breivik and the Rise of Islamophobia.

God is not a pacifist, the Bible encourages violence as self-defense of the Christian God and his seemingly exclusively European people; additionally, proponents of an anti-multiculturalist and anti-Muslim position are effectively soldiers of Christ, following a biblical tradition of righteous warfare. In other words, not much exegesis is presented — as if the passages speak unproblematically to the present — nor is any attention paid to the larger stories these references are taken from.


Global patterns, motivations and prevention. The general consensus of opinion was that very few would have expected mahifest terrorist 1 to be a Caucasian Norwegian, born and raised in the affluent west end area of Oslo — as he was later revealed to be. In other words, they are telling you their interpretation and their doctrine, NOT what the manuscripts really say.

Christian Terror in Europe? Answered in the negative, Breivik concludes that Christianity in Europe has been abandoned. The attacks on July 22nd, sent shock waves to democratic societies, since, contrary to what expected shortly after the lethal events, it was a single perpetrator, and not an organized terrorist group, who brsivik prepared and executed the plan.

New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 745— Are the aspects that link Breivik to Christianity and the Bible not engaged with because they appear exceptional within secular modern Europe?