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As for Mainline Modeler, you can pretty much kiss that subscription “Last month in TKM I mentioned the discontinuance of Mainline Modeler. I am in the process of digitizing all of my copies of Mainline Modeler. However I do not have a complete set. I am willing to trade one of my. And lastly, Mainline Modeler was a premium magazine (IMHO). A chance to get them all with all of the drawings, articles and yes, the ads in a.

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Wish someone would do this with RMC. I have mainlnie of mags still here from when I moved 10 years ago and have been unloading them by the boxfull. I’m not certain of this but my guess would be that subscribers would be trade creditors so that given the number of people in front of them, they are unlikely to see any money from the bankruptcy process. Kitbashing and close-enough look-alikes are called for to save time — and MM modfler seemed to be about how to save time in modeling.

Model Railroader Newsletter See all. If I gave that copy away, moeler made another one and gave it away then that person would have an illegal copy they didn’t pay for.

As I understand it the potential purchaser of the magazine backed out because Marse Robert had copyrighted a lot of material to Hundman Publishing and did not consider that copyrighted material to be part of the sale. A good rule of thumb is that modelwr have a conventional name and are intentional creationson the part of the author or publisher.


My wife was in one of those – a “book club” deal she had trouble getting out of she thought she was buying one book, but they kept sending and billing – took several letters and returned books before they stopped, by then she had “bought” 3 more books she didn’t want.

How many copies do you have? The purpose of a class action lawsuit would be less for ultimate recovery than to hold Robert to the same standard as he rightly felt was appropriate for UP. Member since January, From: Mainline Modeler magazine Posted by garyla on Thursday, November 16, 3: Enjoying your great posts.

I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and moseler not signed in for advertising. If you really wanted to get a few dollars back on your unfilled subscription, you could always file a claim with the Bankruptcy Court. You’ve got a lot of people putting great how to articles on their own web pages and showing off some nice layouts as well. Edited 1 time s. From the far, far reaches of the wild, wild west Moddeler am: Member since November, From: Finescale Railroader is next.

Posted by simon on Saturday, November 18, 8: The book and periodical ARE NOT dead but the older titles should be ressurected to keep them viable for the next generation.

Train Magazine Index –

Splitting hairs, I know. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Mainline Modeler’s publisher doesn’t offer anything similar Member since July, From: The photos were frequently out of register and blurry.


Member since February, From: Too bad you didn’t see copies in the past ten years or so, as it was really high quality.

The secured creditors by and large control the bankruptcy process and decide what assets to sell and whether the business should be reorganized Chapter 11 bankruptcy or liquidated Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Although he long stood up for the little guys against Union Pacific’s corporate licensing extortion–and I supported him by writing letters to UP, the Patent Office, and Congress–he now turns his back on his subscribers.

They did not offer me a voucher to use in the future.

Finally! Mainline Modeler on DVD

If modeling a class 1 railroad was the goal, then to do it well will take something more than a moedler, and you will never get very far with a larger layout if you scratchbuild everything. Beaver Falls, PA posts. A chance to get them all with all of the drawings, articles and yes, the ads in a searchable pdf format should strongly be considered.

Member since August, posts. On the DVD board “” is a mistake. BillyDee53 Member since February, posts. In bankruptcy, people that are owed money are split into three classes: Only problem is the when Kalmbach went to the bigger format, they are just a skosh small for the depth. So count up how many Historical magazines are published now.