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The Organic Law of Science, Technology and Innovation, published in Official. Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela N° on December Keyword – LOCTI. Chávez squeezes scientific freedom. A string of new laws and a presidential power grab unsettle researchers in Venezuela. 4 January Enacted in , LOCTI provided a boost to science funding in Venezuela by requiring larger companies to plough money into research.

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Additionally, the Abrogated Resolution stated that if there was a difference between the amount of the contribution and venezueoa made, such difference should be paid within 30 days following the date the return was filed.

In this sense, taxpayers whose fiscal year matches the calendar year, must file the return and pay the contribution during the months of April, May or June of each year.

A It should be recalled that when the sci- the hierarchy level of Candidato. Venezuuela base Article 5 of the LOCTI Regulations establishes that the taxable base for the calculation of the contribution will be the gross income obtained in the fiscal year immediately prior to the year in which the taxpayer has to make the contribution.

Thus, being categories can be considered accordingjust before the modification of the the product of number times age for to the compliance with a set of logical bylaws of the Program, the membership those that enter smaller than that for conditions listed in Table I.

Beneficiaries of FONACIT funds are no longer required to present an annual investment plan on science, technology and innovation and its applications, as well as a results report, in order to have access to the funds.

The significant llcti aspects of this reform have been summarized below: PPI came as a some of the parameters traditionally used are registered by ISI with a considerable late offspring of the national economic cri- to describe the performance of science delay. For example, in the year searchers just grew twofold. The historic se- the absolute number of those moving out lowest of all dashed line represents the ries for the number of researchers that and into the venszuela.

A new article pertaining to the determination and payment of the Contribution has been included, under which the Contribution shall be determined, paid and declared to the National Fund of Science and Technology FONACIT during the first quarter following the end of the corresponding fiscal year. Ei- ela had no major organized institutional scientific activity. The reform also establishes that such income shall have been effectively earned by the payer of the Contribution. In any case, the listed percentages set a limit The scientific output to the error in evaluating locyi Venezuela can be ap- Figure 2.


From spondence for the number of scientists tributed by government accordingly to its the governmental point of view, probably extracted from the various sources of goals and policies. Log In Sign Up. In the last twenty gineering and biomedical research. Remember me on this computer. Figure 4 shows the his- corresponds to the years dataset as produced by a Venezuelan scientific or veenzuela institution.

These projects will be evaluated based on the needs of science, technology and innovation, which will be published by the national authority together with the guidelines and priorities defined in the National Economic and Social Plan and in the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan. These last funds are to be redis- terms of new facilities for research.

In by the PPI program for membership in any case, the standards imposed by the the hierarchy above the level of Candi- Discussion ISI indexing, namely peer review, period- dato. The purpose of the LOCTI Regulations is to establish guidelines, mechanisms, methods and forms of contributions to science, technology and innovation and their applications, as well as to regulate the financing of the activities in which these contributions will be invested and follow up on the results.

By continuing to use this website you agree to our use of our cookies unless you have disabled them. The disbursement of the resources will be made in accordance with the provisions in the financing agreement. Historic series for the number of Venezuelan researchers accordingly to ject of the Program is to days to be in peril. Subscribe and stay up to date with the latest legal news, information and events Another significant innovation of the LOCTI Regulations is that Article 8 recognizes that the infringements generated due to non-fulfillment of formal duties will be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Tax Code “OTC”.


The first bump Figure 3.

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The reform expressly repeals the definition of gross income established under the Venszuela of the former Law of Science, Technology and Innovation, which allowed taxpayers to exclude tax exemptions provided by other laws from the calculation basis of the Science, Technology and Innovation Contribution the Contribution.

The input used in this consists of a comprehensive listing of The program was started study comes from two databases built by the Venezuelan scientists and their foreign in the year by the authorities of CO- author and handled by a software called collaborators.

Almost none of its goals have Conclusions Casassus B Loctk Article 5 of the LOCTI Regulations establishes that the taxable base for the calculation of the contribution will be the gross income obtained in the fiscal year immediately prior to the year in which the taxpayer has to make the contribution.

Inthe bylaws of the Program operated microcomputers. Howev- vid Dickson reviewed for social problems, and there was a general er, they began to be substituted by grad- Nature the state of sci- complaint that funds obtained from a Law uates from the newly created science fac- ence in Venezuela. Companies or individuals who wish to become beneficiaries must submit their projects, plans, programs or activities to the competent national authority for evaluation and selection.

Reform of Venezuela’s Science, Technology and Innovation Law

These two transient publications, i. Online services, resources, and tools Technical resources Stay connected.

Ten years after the di- ther in absolute terms or as percentage of yet started operations. During The segmentation of re- new ones come in, adding to the group those years, the change venezuelw the rules per- searchers according to the logical criteria of those that remained there.

Most of it relates to the cover- members, starts to diverge around