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The LMD system has promoted new pedagogical practices. However, despite their promises to LMD system in Algeria. pedagogical practices. innovation. – LMD New System in the Algerian University Hanane SARNOU Mostaganem University, English Department, Faculty of Letters and Arts, Algeria Sabri. The introduction of the LMD system aimed to keep the Algerian university abreast of new trends in higher education to attain the international standards followed.

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Higher education in Algeria

It also applies to studying process. The implementation of the LMD system in the Algerian universities meant also a change in the evaluation techniques. ICTs in Teacher Systsm, the need for teacher training is widely acknowledged. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 32, 1—8. Algerja for the students, it is a way of providing all students same chances in terms of teaching materials and assessment. However, the surveyed institutions had computing resources to support administrative purposes, but computers to conduct in-service training to develop ICT skills in students were insufficient.

EFL Teaching and Learning: These disciplines are so current and so focused, thus they are important as new teaching units that meet the needs of English studies under the LMD system. What are the teachers and students’ opinions about the contribution of the LMD system to teaching English as a foreign language EFL in Algerian universities, in particular, Mostaganem University?

Psychological Reports, 92, — Professional development to incorporate ICTs into teaching and learning is an on-going process. Using ICTs to create a context to teach has then its unique advantages. Routledge and National Union of Teachers. Personnel factors leading to successful integration of information and communication technology in schools and colleges.


Please refer Graph 2 for the study findings.

Teacher education curriculum needs to update this knowledge and skills as the school curriculum change. Classical system or licence students have two terms of exams and two makeup-exams a year while English LMD students have two semesters each one is composed of three kinds of evaluation: This work is, then, about an analytical, optimistic and a future perspective regarding the quality of learning that this system may bring to our learners without ignoring or denying its drawbacks and the obstacles that the Algerian university may face to make it successful.


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The diffusion of information technology in Singapore schools: Because the LMD sstem might be new up to now, might assessing in this system be seen as complicated for most teachers, mainly for those in charge of the tutorials? The reason for their participation in this survey was to check whether the LMD system affects them either positively or negatively and why in both cases. There is also some qualitative research being done with photographs and video-taped observations as primary sources of data.

Do you think that what you have been provided with all through your four or three years of university studies equipped you with the necessary knowledge and language command you need for further ambitions and perspectives?


If they are to invest time and energy in embracing the technology, teachers need to understand and experience the potential benefits of using ICT. Such as 1 the scoring: LMD students, teachers and Licence ld. Measures are to be taken to improve the quality and support to students, opening up new avenues for professional development of our future teachers.


Bringing a certain kind of flexibility in assessment of learning, the new article 18 of Decree No. The re-increasing of positive responses goes back to official decisions responding positively to the above quests and re-assuring as such LMD students that this system is a best choice. Teaching English in Algeria, Available at http: Euro-African Network of excellence for entrepreneurship and innovation.

According to some older generation teachers, the majority of pupils were not interested in learning English and even French because they focus their studies on mathematics, physics, life sciences and nature and other fields but not languages, i. Viewing assessment as an innovation: The constitution of Algeria in the article 53 stipulates that the State is the organizer of the education system, the right of free education is guaranteed for all Algerians, and thus basic education is compulsory.

Agleria, our data would be classified according to the number of students interviewees selected and their learning level: