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Lionboy is a children’s and young adult’s fantasy trilogy written by Zizou Corder Contents. 1 The series; 2 Setting. The Chase has ratings and reviews. Angy said: Pues la verdad es que ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que habĂ­a leido la primera parte y ya solo rec. Charlie and his lion friends have made it safely to Venice, but it turns out that their journey has only just begun. King Boris’s palace was meant.

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Also, they are moving from England to Paris to Venice to Morocco all the time trying not to get caught. This book takes place in Venice where Charlie has the lions with him while in search of his parents.

In summary, this is a book filled with cats from the lowliest alley cat to the mightiest lion. Other books in this series. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

Rafi is in hot pursuit. SergeiCharlie AshantiPrimoClaudio. Dec 30, Lauren White rated it it was amazing. With a short recap, the story immediately picks up the pell-mell pace as Charlie and the six escaped circus chasf and one saber-toothed big cat travel by train to Venice to find his scientist parents, kidnapped for their asthma cure, and return the cats to their home in Essaouira Africa.

The plot really surprised me several times too! Children’s fantasy novels Young adult fantasy novels British children’s novels British young adult lionoby Young adult novel series Fantasy novel trilogies Children’s novels about animals children’s books.

Fast-paced cinematic action will leave readers panting for the next installment. I can see looking at reviews of this novel online that I am in the minority for not liking this novel and so appreciate that there may be some appeal about it that simply eludes me. This is a nice continuation to “Lionboy”.


Charlie escapes the king of bulgaria with his his lions which he was on a train with. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [where did charlei ashanthi parents are kidnaped place? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I hate calliope music. It keeps the reader engaged. The lions are In this second book, Charlie and his lion friends are on the run from a nasty lion trainer, and Charlie’s parents are desperate to escape from the clutches of the evil Corporacy. Numerous villains impose constant dangers: Lionnboy studied history at Trinity College Cambridge, and has of course worked as a street performer, lionboj motorcycle messenger, a cocktail waitress, a singer, and so on.

In Morocco, Maccomo from the circus kidnaped Charlie and the six lions by drugging them. I’ve had this book on my shelf since and, 12 years later, have finally gotten round to reading it. The circus ship arrives in Paris and Charlie escapes with the lions.

Edward however has other plans for the lions than letting them journey onwards. Dec 16, Susan rated it it was amazing. En esta historia se demuestra que siempre que se quiere se pueden hacer cosas.

Samantha Spinner and the Super-Secret Plans. Sementara orang tua Charlie akhirnya pergi ke Kapal Sirkus Circe untuk mengetahui keberadaan Charlie yang tanpa disengaja akhirnya mereka bertemu dengan kakak ibu Charlie, Mabel Pelatih singa. I think this story is very complicated, the author wrote three scenes at a time. Readers who sank their teeth into the first of the Lionboy trilogy will lick their chops over the second.

Lionboy: The Chase

These differences are hinted at rather than explained outright. I have not read the first in the trilogy which only made the first few pages slightly tricky, but from the opening pages with an enticing map to set the scene, this is everyones adventure story.

Also, they get trapped more than once in Venice and France. Belum lkonboy ulah Raffi dan Massomo.


Fast-paced cinematic action will leave readers panting for chsae next installment. Dalam luonboy seorang Charlie akhirnya membawa singa-singa kabur dari Circe seusai pertunjukan yang digelar malam itu. Rocket Robinson and the Secret of the Saint. Yhe this second book Charlie’s setting out to find his parents which lionnboy located in Venice. When word arrives from the cat grapevine that his parents are not being held in Italy after all, Charlie knows he must take fast action.

Charlie akhirnya membawa singa-singa kabur dari Circe seusai pertunjukan yang digelar malam itu. The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy. I hate calli No time for a thorough review but here’s a short one: Europe seems to be under this Empire’s control.

Dalam pelarian mereka, mereka bertemu dengan seekor singa tua, Singa Gigi Pedang. This reminded me of this because I felt like that day was adventerous to This novel is book two of the series. Sergei, the allegenie cat, is the go between. The Island of Horses. Larger, stronger and older but not as lively as the lions, a prehistoric ancestor of lions, a Smilodon fatalis finds his way into their party.

Sementara itu, rahasia penelitian ayah ibu Charlie dan kaitannya dengan perusahaan farmasi, serta kucing, makin terkuak.

Lionboy: The Chase : Zizou Corder :

I was in love with the amazing characters. I look forward to reading the next one Lion Boy: Rafi is in hot pursuit. Luckily a new ally has come on the scene-and just in the knick of time: So many great twists and turns and wild circumstances! Looking for More Great Reads?