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Linda Howe After two decades of spiritual searching, Linda Howe first encountered the Akashic Records in Many adventures later, now a Doctor of. How to Access Your Own Akashic Records. Linda Howe Offers The Perfect Prayer. Linda Howe More by this author. Aug 12, at PM 0 Comments. Jun 4, As I explain in my book, Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records, you and your soul are one. Sometimes this seems so real you.

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About Dr. Linda Howe and the Akashic Records | Dr. Linda Howe

I went into this book excitedly seeking a different approach to the Records. I will get back to this one during a more introspective time in my life.

I am so humbled and amazed by this work. You can also read the Records of pets, of a home, of a company or of public monuments, buildings, etc.

About Dr. Linda Howe and the Akashic Records

Placed first in both categories: Your browser either doesn’t support Javascript or you have it turned off. You can learn to do all this and more with the wisdom and healing energy held in the Akashic Recordsan energetic archive of every soul’s history and its future possibilities.

Just make sure that the music is somethi I don’t even know where to begin. I have really lindw this and look forward to the healing course. Once you have read the book your feelings will guide you into knowing what to do next.

Howe begins the book by sharing her personal experience, not only with the Hoe Records, but with the powerful spiritual awakenings she had along the way. A self- empowering book that accomplishes what it sets out to do. Because of this integration, we can quite literally say that accessing the Akasha allows us glimpses of Heaven on earth!


I look forward to each subsequent class! Well written, an interesting account of the sometimes mysterious Akashic Records.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ever since, I have been deliberately engaging them for personal growth and consciousness development, for myself and others. Quotes from How to Read the A Once accessible only to s Imagine uncovering the truth of who you are and loving it fully ” living moment-to-moment completely fulfilled” remaining calm and steady while facing challenging situations.

The Masters are also a group of Light Beings, and like the Lords of the Records have never recrods in physical bodies. It’s very interesting and I believe I found my calling However I have been enough of a workshop junkie over the years to have finally learned to deepen what I have already been learning rather than to go off on another tangent.

It reminds me of a statement by St. The Records are a dimension of consciousness containing a vibrational record of everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence — as well as all its future possibilities. Along the way, I developed my own uniquely inspired curriculum for spiritual growth through the Akasha, lnida the Records as the sacred dimension of awareness for awakening and aligning with the Soul. From that wonderful voice I was very excited to read her account of the Records.

Books by Linda Howe.

I have nothing but great respect for Linda Howe. One of the first ideas I explored was accessing the Akasha as an infinite, spiritual resource for empowerment and transformation. Apr 05, Dean Miller rated it really liked it. I don’t even know where to begin. This book is not for everyone and many might think it ridiculous. Working with thousands of students over the years — learning more than I ever imagined possible! That change in voice influenced my connection to the material.


It is written elegantly, clearly and simply — everything you need to do is spelt out. This is YOUR time to understand where you have been and why you are here, now! While Howe clearly demonstrates her own experiences using the Records for herself and others, I remain unconvinced that this is a solid text fo As a hypnotherapist and shamanic teacher and student I had high hopes for the presentation of this material.

The Lords of the Records are a group of Light Beings who work at the Universal level, rather than with individual souls. Straight forward in its explanations, instructions and simplicity. Free Gift for You. There are too many autobiographical anecdotes peppered throughout the text, but I plan to investigate the Records through other resources, and am glad that this book came to me as a gift from a good friend. The Akashic Records offer empowerment and transformation by lending us exactly the wisdom, guidance, and energetic support that we need in this lifetime.

Jul 12, Susan Brochin rated it it was amazing. Hardcoverpages. The exercises are easy to use and very effective. This body of knowledge contains everything that every soul has ever thought, said and done over the course of its existence. First off, the writing in this book is quite clear and easy to follow–that what it has going for it–so if you are interested in the Akasha then you might give it a try The more I read, the more formulaic the writing became, thus her voice was not as prevalent, and the delivery of information became clinical.

For classes with Dr.