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The Thing About the Truth by Lauren Barnholdt – In this humorous love story from the author of Two-way Street, an unlikely romance is the best sort of. THE THING ABOUT THE TRUTH by Lauren Barnholdt Although the chaotic aftermath is detailed early on, Barnholdt’s snappy dialogue and. The Thing About the Truth. by Lauren Barnholdt. Kelsey’s not going to let one mistake ruin her life. Sure, she got kicked out of prep school and.

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But of course, they wind up on a date, and Kelsey just so happens to enjoy it! So by the end, I fhing exactly happy that I had stuck it out to find out what had happened. You can finish The Thing About The Truth in one sitting, and reach for the next one, but her novel can stick inside your brain with nagging questions you’d want to know the answers. Isaac is supposed to be this major playboy and has never loved a girl before, but we see nothing of his playboy-ism in this book, LB just says it is so and goes staight to changing him into a one-woman-man.

Kelsey barnjoldt determined to stay away from Isaac, despite Isaac’s efforts to win her over. They are sex-obsessed assholes whose inner commentary ranges from slut-shaming to victim-blaming to just plain gross.

B probably doe Actual Rating: Isaac Bernardo was not a bad ass. That was one of the things the entire story was built around.

THE THING ABOUT THE TRUTH by Lauren Barnholdt | Kirkus Reviews

Issac is actually a total asshole. Kelsey et Isa Mon avis sur le blog: There’s other stuff that happens, but we don’t care about that because when the book ends we haven’t resolved anything else.


Isaac quickly lost his interesting qualities once him and Kelsey got too comfortable with each other. I would also have liked to see the outcome of Chloe’s relationship.

Oct 21, Debbie Narh rated it did not like it Shelves: Like I said, quite the disappointment. Ils sont mignons d’accord, mais qui peut bien tomber amoureux aussi vite?


When in doubt, send in the crazy chick? First of all I was completely intrigued with the description of this book and the cover so Thd immediately added it to my wishlist.

From the beginning he told her he liked her and throughout the book he continued barnhold show just how much. Lists with This Book. In the end, I was just too confused by certain things in this book to really enjoy it. I liked the title, and while the cover looked a little awkward, I really liked it.

As with Kelsey and her father, or her and her best friend; its aspects that make her a slightly sadder lead. I just did not feel that connected to Kelseys character. However, one little lie that Kelsey told Isaac could ruin their relationship and get both of them kicked out of school.

The consequence of their actions during the Face It Down activity The ending was a bit bxrnholdt, and of course, I wanted more, more, more.

Teh ask other readers questions about The Thing About the Truthplease sign up. Out of the two of them, I disliked Kelsey the most because she was just plain annoying and whiny.

Honestly, I am still confused as to what it is. We didn’t resolve any issues with either set of parents or with the friends who aren’t really good friends, or about the barnholdy that was Face Down Day.


The Thing About the Truth

Hardcoverpages. I was quite entertained while reading this novel and I didn’t want to put it down!

The “conflict” was so stupid that it was laughable, and kind of offensive. He seems responsible and poised at times, and then at other times, relaxed and cheeky.

I try not to base what I’m going to read purely because of a cover but in this case I’m happy I did. View all 6 comments. I love this book so much that I am not going to admit how upsetting it is that the “villain” not really but I can’t think of anything else to call her has my name.

With The Thing About the Truth, however, I had a lot of problems getting drawn into the story at first. Kelsey and Noah are no exception. You know, edgy in the way that neither of the leads is that sympathetic? As she did so she was opening her mouth, and to a casual observer it might have appeared that she was whispering his name into his ear tenderly. I don’t doubt that she has feelings for him but sometimes she acts like she’s not really into him.

They exist purely to complicate the story, and readers are given no real insight into their motives. He turned into a lovesick puppy too quickly and too suddenly that it annoyed me a lot. Mais ce n’est pas tout.