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I liked this sweet little thing. Not well known in the West, Layla and Majnun were the “Romeo and Juliet” of Iran. The portrait of Majnun (who went mad over his. Layla and Majnun is a classic story of love most notably expressed by the great poets Nizami Ganjavi and Muhammad Fuzuli. It has been presented in many. f THE STORY OF LAYLA AND MAJNUN Oltj /IclHi Translated Jr om the XVIII War against Layla’s Tribe 76 XIX Nawfal is reproached again 83 7 chapter P a 8 e.

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Despair may lead to hope just as night leads to dawn, if only you have faith. The Evil Eye has suddenly separated me from you, my moon. I will be as trusting as Ismael before Abraham!

Wounds have to be nursed; let us tread the way of peace. Jajnun could no longer endure to be so far from his beloved. How hard it was to return! And, true enough, there was no veil which could hide his beloved from Majnun. The old woman did not wait to be told twice.

By using this site, you agree ,aila the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The sand scorched his feet and the sun blazed down on his head. But only the wind blowing from the mountains of Najd brought a breath of faith from a lonely man, or ,aila a cloud 58 across, whose rain was, for Layla, a greeting from afar. What have these two done that you are bent on killing them?

He had al- ready given his heart to Lxila before he understood what he was giving away. The heart of my beloved beats for the enemy, and where her heart beats, there is my home.

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Love, if not true, is but a plaything of the senses, fading like youth. Who could have refused such a match-maker?

Majnun before the Holy Caaba in Mecca 43 4. Free me from the evil of my love. He knew he wanted lila produce it. He crept into a cave groaning maknun a lizard which has been bitten by a serpent, and scattered the pearls of his tears into the tresses of darkness. Day after day he trails around the countryside, his hair dishevelled and a bunch of hooligans running after him like a pack of hounds loosed from their chains.

Yes, he had become a man among men again.

Laila e Majnun

It is destroyed, it is lost; what do you want from it? As a ray of light penetrates the water, so the jewel of love shone through the veil of his Playful and joyful, he grew year by year — a care- fully protected flower in the happy childhood.

In some versions, Layla dies of heartbreak from not being able to see her would-be lover. That is why Laial decided to manjun him in chains, hoping that people would think him mad and give us food and alms out of charity. How could he avert his glance from the fountain-head of his life?

Full text of “The Story of Layla And Majnun”

With empty words did you seduce my heart. He cursed himself and blessed Layla. Why then do you remain silent today? The Arabs called him Ward, meaning “rose” in Arabic. But for Majnun they were all strangers. Who would not be afraid of it? Nothing was good or precious enough. What could Layla do against it? I am now assembling an army from all the tribes around us and you can be certain that I shall not rest until I have sunk my steel into this stone, until Jajnun have pulled this stubborn donkey from the roof down to the ground!


Majnun had not touched the wine, yet he was drunk with its sweet smell. I have caught the animal, but if you wish, I am willing to sell it to you. Are you burning in the fire of my grief, or have I disguised my soul with your blackness? Was there a way out? He recites ee poems, hoping that the wind or a cloud will carry them along to his beloved. My possessions are yours, my Kingdom is yours.

Was not death gathering the harvest for his sake? Why, tell me, did your hand drop its prey? You placed me in front of a table laden with sweetmeats, and then you chased me away like a fly! Half an enticing glance from her eyes would have been enough to conquer a hundred kings; she could have plundered Arab or Turk, had she wanted. Of a thousand mwjnun give me only one.

The bridge between the two banks had fallen in; no sound reached the other side.