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Existentialism. Front Cover. John Macquarrie. Westminster, – Philosophy – pages Existentialism, Volume 5 · John Macquarrie Snippet view – An Existentialist Theology by John Macquarrie, and: Journey. Through Dread by Arland Ussher (review). Kevin Wall. The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly. for the first time in his pages should also have advance beyond this best of introductions. Laurence Bright, o.p.. An Existentialist Theology. By John Macquarrie.

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The fear that this might happen again, the author affirms, hovers over the thought of those contemporary theologians who reject all such contact and totally expurgate existenhialism content from theology. Hartshorne and Macquarrie on God. Empirical Language Finally, Macquarrie makes one more case of forms of theological language, and that is in the investigation of empirical language in theological language.

existfntialism Help Center Find new research papers in: Principles of Christian Theology. Macquarrie was born on 27 June in Renfrewinto a devout Presbyterian family. This entry has no external links. Macquarrie’s unusually lucid exposition of an obscure subject begins by posing as its basic problem that of the relationship of philosophy to theology.

Existentialism by John MacQuarrie (2 star ratings)

Neither does he or she have the detached situation that would enable a purely objective view of the question. Retrieved 4 October And so, Macquarrie argues that a proper balance of experience and revelation be kept in the construction of a theology.


Fournelle, 4 Macquarrie is arguing for in this model are two things. Return to Book Page.

The speaker speaks on his or her existential condition Syet with claims to ontological conditions, all through mythic language. Find it on Scholar. An Examination of the Language and Logic of Theology.

John Macquarrie, Existentialism – PhilPapers

Farouk Adil rated it it was ok Jul 10, He was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in the Church of Scotland in and then served in the Royal Army Chaplains Department — From Moses to Muhammad. Ryan rated it it was ok Apr 22, Thus, Macquarrie now argues concerning the issue of how we express our language about God as Being, as ultimate concern, and in faith commitment. Macquarrie returned to the University of Glasgow to study for a PhD, which he was awarded in while serving as lecturer in systematic theology at Trinity College, Glasgow.

Books by John MacQuarrie.

John Macquarrie

Sherif rated it it was ok May 21, Jlhn, according to Macquarrie, begins with humanity rather than nature, and so is subjective-oriented more than objective-oriented, for the human is the subject in existence.

His co-translation of Being and Time into English is considered [ who? In the University of Glasgow conferred the degree of Doctor of Letters on him and in the university awarded him the degree of Doctor of Divinity honoris causa.

Timothy Bradshaw, writing in the Handbook of Anglican Theologiansdescribed Macquarrie as “unquestionably Anglicanism’s most distinguished systematic theologian in the second half of the 20th century. In this distinct service philosophy provides, or at least helps to provide, an insight existentialsim the being of the subject of theology, thereby taking an intrinsic relation to it and avoiding the pitfalls of the extrinsic apologetical relation.



How does existentialism speak to theology, more so than we have already encountered? Whatever else he might have done, then, he has not supplied the required ontological insight for theology, and by that fact his ontological Therein, he holds, macquarrei use in the theology of Bultmann finds its sufficient justification.

On retirement he continued to live in Oxford and was appointed a professor emeritus and a canon emeritus. Leaving aside such a basic question, then, as practically unmanageable, let us restrict our criticism to the relatively simpler one as to whether or not existentialism provides what the author claims that it must and does as a prelude to theology, that is to say, a true ontological statement of the nature of man.

Whether through discourses on mythic origins or mythic eschatologies, the Biblical authors are making claims about their existence mythically.

He was also a notable English-language expositor on the theological and philosophical work of Rudolf Bultmann. Studies in Christian Existentialism: History of Western Philosophy. No trivia or quizzes yet.