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The domain: is online and should be working. The SourceForge site has a support page for the software but it’s currently incomplete. Editing clips is the bread and butter of all movie creation, so starting with that in Jahshaka seems to fit. One can realistically work with many. So I downloaded the Jahshaka editor but I have no idea how to use it (or even how to import footage) and I can’t find a user’s manual. Anyone.

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Make sure that the Desktop tab is selected, then mznual ahead and load a movie or picture into the program using the silvery Load button. By directly clicking and dragging on it from left to right, you can set the time for the respective marker for the selected video. This time we need to press O to mark the end of the clip.

Note how the timeline changes at the bottom of the window Figure 4. The former computer vendor Jah Shaka not to be confused with the musician of the same name was looking for a free – but powerful – video-editing program, particularly for third-world countries, where people cannot afford to invest several thousand dollars in real-time video-editing systems. I went to the SourceForge page, and clicked on the link to their website. To tidy up, just drag the two candidates to another location on the desktop and drop them there.

While the open souerce pipe dream mateializes, you might want to take a look at mambaFX http: Jahshaka always applies editing steps to the currently selected clip, which is displayed in a slightly darker color than the inactive clips see the “In Focus” box. The program jahdhaka only apply the action to these objects.

Jahshaka users manual? – FORUM

You need this function to cut out a scene from the middle of a clip, or to split a clip into two parts. For example, Figure 7 shows how I applied a sepia effect to a scene to add a nostalgic touch to my holiday movie. To do that, select the clip, move the white marker to the desired position, then press the “S” key. I particularly like the node structure. The buttons on the lower left of the main window let you toggle between these components at any time. This moves the start of this scene, but not of the whole movie, to the current position.


I think is a powerful piece of software for compositing and special FX Is quite affordable and runs on Linux and Windows only. The effects are located at the right edge of the screen in a bar that is originally hidden, but becomes visible in editing mode.

Jahshaka Tutorials Our training and help section. Sign up using Email and Password. First, install the following packages, including the corresponding developer packages, which you can typically identify by their -devel or -dev name components:.

Jahshaka Tutorials

Just a few clicks will help you remove these blemishes quickly from the beginning and end of the clip. If you prefer to set the zoom factor yourself, just click the small magnifying glass symbol next to the red Length display.

You don’t need to deal with the red numbers so much because it just tells you how long the movie clip jahshzka, unless you desperately need something to go for 2 seconds exactly, although for some reason you can’t edit it directly anyway. Deinterlace lets you select a deinterlacing method.

Jahshaka is intended for semi-professional moviemakers. To undo, just press Ctrl Z. To enhance the artistic effect, I’ll apply a couple of transitions to smooth out the jumps between scenes. Email Required, but never shown. Then, download Glew [6] and unpack into a directory, become root, and enter. I might check into it some more. The SourceForge jjahshaka has a support page for the software but it’s currently incomplete.

When working with the current version, keep this in mind and save your projects regularly. This article shows how the editing software makes light work of editing the budding amateur director’s latest holiday clips. Jahshaka Editor The Jahshaka Editor editor allows users to create virtual worlds in a fully immersive 3D environment, with support for nested objects, particles, skyboxes and animation.


The four tabs above the timeline are ProjectCutTrackand Settings. You can then check the results in the preview. The tool should show a frame rate of more than frames per second. Although Jahshaka can handle video files in many formats, it can’t currently import movies directly from a video camera. When last tried it was the most buggy piece of shit anyone could ever have the displeasure of ever using.

Now you have this sweet soundtrack you want to throw in the background, but you feel limited because of the one track. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Note that the video in the subordinate track will always overlay the video in the track above it. Jahshaka will automatically close the gap this creates Figures 5 and 6. Jahshaka has a selection of effects for livening up parts of your video or the whole movie.

The developers rightly advertise this product as being the first free, all-around tool in the field of video editing. Jahshaka comprises several components, every one of which has a specific task. Editing clips jqhshaka the bread and butter of all movie creation, so starting with that in Jahshaka seems to fit. Click on the Tracks I think I found a possibly better compositor for free. Posted jahshaja Spence G. Jahshaka adds a bar to represents the video; the length of the bar reflects mannual length of mnaual scene.

Mambafx does look good indeed. Each track is like a video projector that projects the existing material onto the preview screen. If you manuxl used other video-editing programs, a few things here should be familiar, such as the timeline at the bottom of the dialog box.