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HIDEAWAY was the first novel of mine that elicited a pleasing quantity of hate mail. The volume of hate was never so great that the postal. Dean R. Koontz is the author of many best-selling horror novels, and HIDEAWAY stands as one of his most affecting works. The characters may not be much. Summary: Hideaway is a disappointing and disjointed novel unworthy of Koontz. It’s one of this patchy author’s poorer efforts. The plot is.

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Hideaway (novel) – Wikipedia

The volume of hate was never so great that the postal service had to deliver it in eighteen-wheelers—a mere fifty letters—but it satisfied. Start your free klontz.

See 2 questions about Hideaway…. Hatch and Lindsey Harrison have somehow survived a horrific car accident.

Lindsey barely survives a car crash into an icy river. Not one of his better works. He takes other victims to his “Hideaway” Funhouse park. The only flaw in this book is that characters outshine the main character. For the most part, King did it consistently better–thus my reason for abandoning Koontz for hideawah much the entire last decade–but Hideaway shows that that wasn’t always the case.

There are some good elements in Hideaway ; Some of Koontz’s descriptive pasages are eye pleasing and the beginning is riveting, but as a whole the novel is drawn out to the extreme and forgettable. Mar 10, The Face of Your Father rated it it was amazing.

You can read more book reviews or buy Hideaway by Dean Koont at Amazon. What’s on his Watchlist? The main narrative its about this I’ve told you.


As the couple set about trying to adopt a young girl named Regina, Hatch continues to be tormented by visions, in some cases even seeing through the monstrous killer’s eyes. The Harrisons seemed to have a good set of attitudes.


Hatch, her husband is actually pronounced dead for over hideaqay minutes. Moves at a break hideawaay pace. Hideaway is a disappointing and disjointed novel unworthy of Koontz. After two hours, the doctors brought him back. Memoirs of a lolita. Hideaway Group Read – September 40 83 Jan 17, Jul 04, Fred rated it it was amazing Shelves: I never sent him hate mail, and I never will.

But it’s not his best. Any writer who felt so obliged would be a hack, and considering how easily most people take offense when one of their own sacred cows is pricked, no literature of any value would ,oontz be written.

Therefore, by air express, I sent this letter to Tokyo: What’s the Name o Miss Dockridge Tom McBeath I guess that makes sense, and isn’t something that requires much thinking–but something hideawqy me about seeing my own desensitization so clearly. I absolutely enjoyed the writing but the ending was just a bit far fetched in my mind so I didn’t love it.

Here, the author of Cold Fire, etc.

The doors of the elevator were gone, as were the cab and the lift mechanism, sold for reuse or for scrap. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Had I had more reading time, this is one of those books I would have polished off in a couple days. Especially, imagery that Mr. However, I find that sometimes find that Koontz isn’t quite at his best. Dean Koontz is my favorite author and this book is my favorite one by him. Just send us an email and we’ll put the best up on the site. I made the deal only after the head of the studio, at that time Mike Medavoy, gave me his home phone number and promised that if at any point I received a script that desecrated the novel, he would ensure the revisions I wanted would be executed; in an extreme situation, a new writer would be brought aboard to start over.


Hideaway is a novel by American writer Dean Koontzpublished by Putnam in Apparently Dean Koontz was so disappointed in the film he fought to have his name removed from the credits. Hideaway, though, showcases Koontz at the height of his talent, and it’s a surprisingly powerful, intensely gruesome read. Jonas Rae Dawn Chong Intriguing issues and moral points are brought up — from bringing back the dead, genetics, orphans and disabilities, the deaths of small children, bringing families closer together, and, of course, religion.

Sure, he writes slick bestsellers, but he can put a picture in your brain like nobody’s business, and when he winds up the tension, you’d better have a clear calendar, because you won’t want to budge from your book-reading binge. I hope this clears up your confusion, and I look forward to your reply to my letter of 10 November. Every character realizes something and it’s a better person if it’s possible. Half a dozen of my pen pals wished me dead; one threatened to kill me if given a chance.

I read a lot of Dean Koontz’s books when I was in high school.