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To split the geometry into the separate profiles, right-click on the sketch in the Graphics window and choose “Split Sketch”, within the sketch’s sub context menu . It’s good to see people are discovering HeeksCAD and HeeksCNC and doing tutorials about it. Neil did some tutorials about using HeeksCAD. As the plans are to port heekscnc as a tool path generator for FreeCAD, Can I did see a YouTube video of a FreeCAD tutorial where the user.

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A step-by-step of what happens when you hit the G0 button: Further geometric objects may be created by sweeping or connecting 2D-shapes.

No ads displayed on the blog The first thing HeeksCNC does when we post-process is to build a kind of tuorial script called post. His blog is at http: But what if we’re cutting the part out of a larger piece of material? Nachtfrost over 9 years ago. Don’t be the product, buy the product!

HeeksCAD tutorials

Jennifer January 19, at 8: For the examples given here, I’m using the EMC post processor and the the default 6. I did see a YouTube video of a FreeCAD tutorial where the user ‘promoted’ an edge so that it could be used in a constraint’s definition. In the opening scene of the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, explorers come upon an idol hidden in the jungle. The next section sets specific parameter values for the center hole in our example. This file inherits from two other, very important files.

There are lots of reasons for the success of open-source software. That situation appears to be changing at last. Fully explaining everything that is happening in the ScriptOp is tutorizl the scope of this article but we’ll step through to get a sense of how it works.


Many applications run on multiple platforms making it easy to switch between a home and work machine. Thank you for putting an effort to published this heeksxnc. One question though, are you able to import. Wine Glass took about 4 minutes to make and skeinforegealready uploaded 2.

The whole mess of data and attributes is written into a file called backplot. This step can be done in isolation as well by clicking the ‘run python script’ menu or button. heeksfnc

Path offset algorithm fails for some paths. Is it limited and not able to generate the G-code? Figure heekcsnc – From sketch to solid. The use of modules, plugin-ins, and third-party libraries is commonplace and allows developers to rapidly add new features.

The only thing we need is some code to pull out the relevant values now. After pasting in the edited code, we can click the ‘run python script’ menu item. Posted by Neil Underwood at 6: Tuutorial seems to be a great tool. Its purpose is to hold a bit of Python code.

Google Code Archive – Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

Open-source CAM application bares all. HeeksCNC now turns around and runs the post. See Figures 3 – 7. Now we’re done with stage 2.

To change how your postprocessor behaves you’ll be editing these files, particularly the non-backplot file emcSlip. Well, you could if you were sure that it’s correct. Just a second, loading more posts The application makes a distinction between two dimensional geometry, called sketches, and three dimensional geometry — solids. Table 1 lists the operations that require additional installation steps. That should work perfectly.


In Python, indentation is very important and you can tell a little about the overall structure just by studying it. The backplot is the colored lines showing where the tool will move. Posted by Dan Heeks at 5: Figure 3 -A sketch with unconstrained lines. Sometimes a bit too much anyway I like this autosnap-functions snap middlepoint of lines and circles snap endpoints of lines snap to surface etc.

My main problem is that when I added operations, such as profiles I can no longer tell which sketch they are associated with as there is no sketch object under the profile operation just an object called Tags, which only has object type and visible as properties. Spiral Shot Glass shot, but not uploaded, going to see if there is any interest before I do more work: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The attributes are kind of like ‘this word is a comment’ or ‘this word is a rapid movement’, ‘This number indicates a tool change’, etc.

Editing the intermediate python code is fine for an occasional tweak, but if you accidentally hit the ‘post-process’ button instead to the ‘run python script’ your hand crafted code will be overwritten.