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For medium to heavy weights, the U2A load cell is an excellent choice for suspended tank weighing, as well as for band scales and metering / batchingscales. HBM > Load Cells > Tension / Compression Load Cells > U2A > U2A – Load cell 3D CAD models. 50,8. 25,4. M8. kg. M8. kg. M B‐ en. HBM. 2 . 1-U2A/5T/ZGUW. Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik .

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MR50 Mark Torque Sensor. B6E – Zemic Single Point. Defender Basic Ohaus Base. Please click here to download CAD files. MB90 Gbm Analyzer Balance. UB1 Flintec S Type. Conduit Adapter Vishay J Box.

Brass Cylindrical Totalcomp Weights. Please send me a quote for U2A further information. Explorer Pro Ohaus Industrial.

Easy-Link Totalcomp Remote Display. Defender Xtreme Ohaus Rectangle Scale. CS Salter Brecknell Scale. MK Mark Testing Kit. Rod Ends Totalcomp Mounting. JW Revere Transducers Scale.


Load Cell U2A with INA P

Lodec Truck Load Cell. GF – General Sensor. TP51 Totalcomp Single Point. UB6 Flintec S Type.

U2A – Load cell

TM59 Totalcomp Tank Mount. Beam Feet – Metric Mounting. Avoirdupois SS Troemner Weights. Defender Q Ohaus Base. Loop Converter for Printers.

Bonding Braid Power Part. Alleyway Platform Tru-Test Livestock.

HBM load cell U2A with 50kg,100kg,200kg weighing scale for Additive weighting

We are on Skype! Defender Ohaus Rectangular Base.

MR51 Mark Torque Sensor. Twisted Pairs Totalcomp Digital. MB27 Moisture Analyzer Balance. MG Mark Force Gauge. Ball Cup or Cone Mounting. Lead Seal Supply Part. Line Conditioner Power Part. GDE16 General Sensor, beam only.

Harvard Trip Ohaus Mechanical. Compression Load Button Mounting. Removable Top Totalcomp Base. MR55 Mark Torque Sensor.