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You can buy Gorenje WA Washing Machine in online stores. Catalog:  Washing Machine. Do you like this site or this page? Please share it. Thank you!. Download GORENJE WA service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Characteristics Washing Machine Gorenje WA Setup method freestanding. Special washing programs prewash, super-rinse, express laundry, wash in.

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Mains power cable Technical information depending on model Dimensions w x d x h: Water inlet hose 8. LED indicating the current washing stage lights gorrenje. If certain function is not available for the selected program, signal LED will not illuminate. Instead, contact your nearest service center!

Some of the materials may be recycled, others deposited or decomposed. Failure The machine does not work indicator LED’s are not illuminated. Low temperature of inlet water. Damaged mains power cable may be replaced only by the producer or his gorenj personnel.

Manuals – Gorenje

If the failure is reported again, call a service technician. Gorfnje substances may be deposited upon the laundry. It is suggested to load the drum with items of different sizes. The same recommendation applies to minors using the appliance.



Description of washing machine Pdf file can be able to view any time also in “offline state” without internet connection. The machine starts operating after a few seconds. You can write in English language into the forum not only in Hungarian! Washing machine operation Program is selected by turning the program selector A from the “0” position to the desired washing program. Security system also detects whether there is any water leakage within the interior of the machine. To ensure good sealing the gasket surface A must be dirt free.

The end of outlet hose should be placed between minimum 60 cm and maximum cm above the floor level. Warranty shall not apply in case of failures due to interferences from the environment lightning stroke, power supply circuit faults, natural disasters.

Level the machine with the adjustable legs.

Some detergents may stick to the dispenser rather hard if it is wet. These programmes are suitable for cleaning normally soiled cotton laundry and they are the most efficient programmes in terms of combined energy and water consumption. The machine moves The machine is not properly during operation. Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. Prior this operation disconnect the appliance from the mains power! Parts of the machine may be damaged if frozen.


Transport brackets are not removed. Open the water inlet faucet. 50089 powdery residues on the laundry. Use only detergents for machine washing.

Particular function is switched on by pressing the relevant knob.

Good luck to the repair! PDF Click to preview.

If the fault repeats, call authorized service shop. Check that the drum is empty. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock! Pump stopso they have to be reactivated. Door is not properly closed. There is no preview for this item! If the appliance is used gorfnje professional purposes, for profit, or for purposes beyond regular use in a household, or if appliance is used by a person who is not a consumer, the warranty period ea the shortest warranty period possible as stipulated by the relevant legislation.

We hope, that this document of instructions for use will help you. Do the buttons and zippers, tie the strings and pull out the pockets.