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In his “Get Smarter,” Jamais Cascio urges his readers to change themselves and as the title of the article suggests, “get smarter”. Cascio. After reading Jamais Cascios article “Get Smarter” I’ve come to realize that our world really is a non stop cycle of evolving technology, and. In the article Get Smarter by Jamais Cascio he starts by talking about how in the past we have become smarter by having to adapt to different.

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He also brought to my attention that the speed at which we access information is changing the way we think as well. In this phrase, Cascio is arguing that as connections in the world increase, the only way to be successful is to be able to think creatively and uniquely.

University of Advancing Education. Our brain capacities continue to expand as time goes on. Not only are people in different countries closer than ever, but the handicapped are given a chance to connect smarted the world. From adapting to different climate zones, growing population, out breaks of pandemics, we as individuals are ever changing to meet the needs of our constantly evolving surroundings.

How might looking at it from a different angle change or enhance their argument? Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must smater logged in to post a comment.

A Response to Jamais Cascio: “Get Smarter”

Email required Address never made public. It is not the pill that is s,arter us the knowledge but its allowing us to figure things out that would of been impossible before without the concentration.

Cascio further argued that the problem will diminish as human needs exert evolutionary pressure of their own to cause the algorithms to improve.

What aspects of the word does the author overlook or choose to emphasize? CreditsAustralian Broadcasting Commission, retrieved 27 JanuaryWriter and consultant: Why is it especially important to the paper? One point he argues is that we have currently mentally evolved to give our partial attention, but spread across the board with little focus on concentration. Everything is at our finger tips, which in my opinion can be a life saver, but on the other hand crippling to our communication and introspective efficiency.


“Get Smarter” & “How the Internet Is Saving Culture, Not Killing It”

Technology that is present today is so detailed and advanced from what it was in the past but so out of date to what we will experience in the future. Casio is able to string the idea of adaptation through his entire essay by providing examples of artificial assists to heighten human behavior like ADHD drugs and other performance enhancers.

We are just too vainglorious sometimes and tend to ignore the bigger picture. In economics, having comparative advantage means being able to produce msarter good in a lower opportunity cost. Carr’s main fear is that the internet is changing the way that men think in a way that is destroying their ability to think deeply.

A Response to Jamais Cascio: “Get Smarter” – Wiki Nation

It takes the differences and cultural backgrounds to allow us to grow as humans with the ability to solve problems by contrast. Therefore due to necessity would not the distractions continue to exist and plague the attention of simple knowledge seekers?

Can we handle that type of pressure between our societies? Interpreting the result another way, Cascio estimated the annual emissions from cheeseburger production and distribution in the United States was comparable to that of all SUVs being driven on American roads at the time. After doing some research I figured out that the other type of intelligence which is overlooked by Cascio is crystallized intelligence: I did have a feeling that he would reference technology as one of these tools of change, but I thought of it, again, as a psychological change, similar to the one discussed in the article we read last week, about reading differently as a result of new technology.


Carr also provides one more criticism of the internet, in which he states that because of the internet’s need and desire for money, the internet also innundates individuals with many advertisements and distractions. With pills that you can take that can let you concentrate for hours past normal abilities.

InCascio co-founded the online website Worldchanging with Alex Steffen. When the witchcraft technologies AI and other creepy stuff that makes us believe we are being analyzed and manipulated develops in a much faster rate, can our intelligence catch up?

I feel as though empathy is a skill that more people should acquire, and that the path to empathy is more important than the actual act of empathizing.

Like Cascio, I agree with the idea that technology is allowing us to take great leaps forward and get smarter by using technology to help people integrate and adapt to the changing world around them. Will it be a small elite group standing on top of the super sophisticated system and controlling the rest of us? Does this mean that other generations only care about superficial things?

Based on his personal experiences, Carr even wondered if the brain was being permanently affected. Broken Dreams Transhuman Space Anonymous November 8, at 4: Our ability to think uniquely and be creative is the one way in which humans can outsmart each other and computers.

Understanding the Consequences of TetLulu.