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One Second After has ratings and reviews. Timmy said: 5 things I hated about One Second After – 1. Every important adult male character. Apr 26, The Paperback of the One Second After (John Matherson Series #1) by William R . Forstchen at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. Jan 12, One Second After. William R. Forstchen, Author, Newt Gingrich, Foreword by. Forge $ (p) ISBN

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The evil they fought was forsychen at bay because of fictional geographical barriers. I’ll start by saying I don’t think I am the target audience for this.

15 Things I learned from One Second After & My Survival Tips – Survival Mom

Set in a bucolic little mountain town in North Carolina, this is the story of the United States that starts the second after an EMP fforstchen. Just prepositional phrases and run-on sentences in abundance, not an editor in the damn place, needed a cigarette to get through the pain, eleven left. I found this to be a compelling read because the author didn’t take any dramatic artistic licenses.

Small nuclear bombs launched just above the atmosphere send an electromagnetic pulse that utterly and irrev This book pressed all my crazy buttons. I read this without expecting much. forstcyen

Those who arter get thrown into dissociation, panic, or denial will die or worse… The ability forstchsn retain clarity of sight and cognizance will be the ones that fare best.

Survival and Emergency Preparedness are much more a mindset than a list of items. The author is conservative and pro-military, so much so that theme gets tedious. Every car with electrical engineering basically anything built post stops where it is and no longer moves.

One Second After (After, #1) by William R. Forstchen

And damn if a few of the deaths weren’t tear-jerkers. Distances that, today, are insignificant, would mean never again seeing loved ones or even your own home if you were stranded far enough awaywithout transportation of any kind. Thats a bit Nuts… prepare but dont become so freaked out you dont live your life.


We have slightly better dexterity and tend to keep a cooler head than a lot of men. But darn it, how we would turn forstcyen each other scares the hell out of me.

One in three is a victim of personal assault now, in the best of times. This launch hit major cities like St.

I recommend that you instead read any other post-apocalyptic book ever. Cannibalism is a fate worse than death, apparently. Eye roll after eye roll. Mar 09, Cecilia rated it it was amazing. Reading the book made me more serious about preparing. Only the author’s military characters are portrayed positively, women and “hippies” are described as basically worthless human beings, the main character is a hypocrite of the highest order, almost the entire book plays out in conversations between military characters classic “telling, not showing” writing mistakeand there’s no attempt at character development whatsoever in an end of the world scenario a ridiculously difficult error to make.

Afterr book is likable and enjoyable but not as literature.

The good were too good and the bad were too bad. It is a doomsday scenario that is, unfortunately, all too possible and can occur,as here, with an Electro Magnetic Pulse or via a severe coronal burst of our sun sending harmful electro magnetic charges towards earth. And people get hungry?

Maybe your parents will understand better if you talk about LA after the Lakers won the Championship not long ago. BTW, you can see a Faraday Cage at work very, very quickly: Ob I really enjoyed this! This is a book that will make you wonder how you would handle things if it happens. This book made me think seconf our dog among other things of course. Remember what was in the air in Manhattan on or towns surrounding Mt.

He works at a military installation and would have to walk through some not so good neighborhoods to get home. After a while, the extreme forstche of food require difficult choices regarding rationing; who gets how much food, and which people are to be deliberately underfed to the point of starvation.


A sequel One Year After: November Modern Book of the Month. No, but forstchfn write them off so fast. As others have pointed out, the author doesn’t know the difference between of and have. The novel deals with an unexpected electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States as it affects the people living in and around the small American town of Black Mountain, North Carolina. An author can only do so if their book is as good. Maybe a little more about the sawdust pancakes, and what’s happening to the people eating them?

15 Things I learned from One Second After & My Survival Tips

Mar 13, Corinne rated it did not like it Recommended to Corinne by: Forstchen isn’t ohe to wear his politics on his sleeve. But plenty ohe people around them onw, and they can move in with the Amish in an exchange where the Amish feed and house them, and they defend the Amish and provide labor.

I am Mormon, too. But ignore the EMP as the delivery mechanism. Suddenly, skills that haven’t been needed in several generations have become critically necessary. No matter which way it comes, it is lethal to any country and any countries way of life. If I get injured anywhere on my body, no matter how minor it may seem, take it seriously! Reading, going through pages and pages, could of been at the beach, should of saved my money, but then again, like back inwhen I read The Stand, I thought I might enjoy this book.

The premise of the story is that an EMP electronmagnetic pulse is created by the detonation of 3 nuclear bombs above the earth’s atmosphere, which renders all electronic, digital, computerized elements in torstchen infrastructure of the U.

A super EMP is probably the thing I fear the most.