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Fior di Battaglia: MS Ludwig XV 13 – J. Paul Getty Museum Fior di Battaglia: M. – Pierpoint Morgan Library Flos Duellatorum: Pisani-Dossi MS -Private. The Flower of Battle (Flos Duellatorum in Latin or Fior di Battaglia in Italian) XV 13; Morgan Library M; a copy privately held by the Pisani-Dossi family; and. Aug 16, Flos Duellatorum (“The Flower of Battle”, Pisani-Dossi MS) is an Italian fencing manual authored by Fiore de’i Liberi and dated 10 February

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In the text he states he took part in numerous battles in and around Italy for the last 20 years of the 14th century, including, in he fought in Udine, fighting on the side of the town during the civil war.

He stated that he had been training and fighting for more than 40 years 8and given the timing when he started writing the treatise on 10 February, and the assumption that he started training and fencing at the age of 10 years, would make Fiore somewhere around sixty years of age at the time of writing the treatise. norgan

Fiore dei Liberi

Baldassaro, both on horseback, received six thrusts from Lanzilotto’s lance. Historical European martial arts 15th-century illuminated manuscripts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

All text, images, art work and photography are copyright to The Exiles, However, it is unclear how accurate this facsimile is as evidence suggests duellatorun Novati may have hired an artist to create a tracing of the original manuscript rather than reproducing it directly. The duel was to consist of three bouts of mounted lance followed by three bouts each of dismounted poleaxeestocand dagger.


Based on Fiore’s autobiographical account, he can tentatively be placed in Perosa Perugia in when Piero del Verde likely fought a duel with Pietro della Corona Peter Kornwald. Fior di Battaglia [manuscript].

For an exact reference of the text and images you should refer to the original manuscript. This version of Fiore’s treatise is the so-called ‘Novati’ edition and is one of only three surviving versions of his work. Cividale del Friuli is the last known residence of Fiore based on the extracts from the prologues. DiplomatFencing masterMercenary. Retrieved 12 November The Man Despite the significant impact Fiore’s treatise has had on the modern reconstruction of historical fighting arts, in particular, armizare 1very little is known of the man who bore the name Fiore dei Liberi.

Views Read Edit View history. Are you accessing the unsecure http portal? This commercial edition will clarify several key points, errors, and mistranslations that exist in current modern Italian interpretations. All rights are reserved.

Flos Duellatorum – Wikipedia

Cattaneo landed a solid blow on the Frenchman’s helmetbut was subsequently disarmed. These duels occuured in locations without any supportive relations and friends, but apparently, his honour was and remained secured. Blengini di Torricella stated that late in life he made his way to Paris, France, where he could be placed teaching fencing in and creating a copy of a fencing manual located there in And even with a one handed sword I will do my art as it is after in these papers. You have bad desires and of this art you know little.


The best known image from the Flos Duellatorum is the sette spade seven swords diagram at the beginning of the longsword section fol. New Haven and London: We know Fiore studied under German masters and his method reflects aspects of their style. This is the current configuration of the manuscript; for a speculative reconstruction of its original state, see Fior di Battaglia MS M.

It is among the most complete presentations from the period of an integrated combat method of armed and unarmed, armored and unarmored, foot and mounted combat. The figures are accompanied by text that is often identical to that of the Ms. Getty – extracted from folio 20 depicts the same scenario and technique as found in the Morgan’s version.

Fiore dei Liberi – Wikipedia

Each of the extant copies of the Flower of Battle follows a distinct order, though both of these pairs contain strong similarities to each other in order of presentation. Ludwig Flox 13 is: Florius de arte luctandiBnF Ms. Fiore was likely involved in at least one other duel omrgan year, between his final named student Azzone di Castelbarco and Giovanni degli Ordelaffias the latter is known to have died in