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The ultimate mining guide for the sci-fi virtual economy MMO Entropia Universe. Learn to mine and sign up now!. “I have took upon myself the task of providing the best and feature rich tool to the miners of Entropia Universe. Development started on the 21st May , with. Here we can post information about our tips and methods. This can be a fairly complex subject but I am going to keep it as simple as I can for.

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So how more often you go mining so bigger is the chance to get a better average return. The FuOct 19, This tool allows you to survey or search the area for resources, but its effectiveness depends on how it is used and the skill level of the user. It shouldn’t take too long to make this transition. This can be a fairly complex subject but I am going to keep it as simple as I can for my contribution to entripia section.

Because after all, you need to be able to dig up the things you find. They break much faster on L Finders.

This should cover most basic questions, there are a few more subjects but we will can talk about them in-game via private message or shoot me an email minerseliteforum yahoo. There is not only one way to do mining, if you ask different players you can have different advice entropix strategies.

However Langotz can only be found approximately between and meters and Morpheus between and meters. Other guides and resources.

Last Jump to page: Get it here Download. One small heads up: The time is now: Lean how to build you avatara using the avatar creator in Entropia Universe. There is no higher chance of getting bigger or smaller claims depending of the area because the loot is changing randomly accross the whole universe.


Brass Alloy 72 p. When mining the high risk areas like F. Information about this guide.

The auction is a great place to look and see what you should be mining for. Mining is one of the many professions that can be done in Entropia Universe.

The trick is hit not only the bad days. There is a lot of information on this forum about mining and a lot more on the PCF forum. At this point you should be able to tt all of your non-mining loot and ammo and pick up mining probes from the tt. Retrieved from ” http: To start out with mining you need to understand what kind of tools are required to mine with. Enttopia these are limited L items, and will not last long.

Info: Leeloo’s Mining Guide

This is simply done by selecting which mineral types you are looking for. This refines the wntropia ore and enmatter in your inventory. But hold your horses, don’t run to the first trader just yet! The added amount of value from the probes can amplify the claims you might find. You Tube Here is a new youtube channel where I explain the workings of the Tool: This area should have mostly shallow ores, that can be easily found by a shallow finder such as the Rookie TerraMaster, this should increase odds of good hitrate on their first run.

Since when did enhancers get an average of drops? In order to avoid searching the same piece of ground multiple times you need to move 2 times that distance before scanning again.

The Beginner’s Guide to Mining in Entropia Universe

For unamped Miningis a rule of thumb to have a bankroll giude at least PED. This has lead to the rise of many different mining methods. Mining guide for Entropia Universe. Fixed the color codes loading for new resources 0. It is now once again possible to exclude individual forums from appearing in gjide New Posts search results.


The probe will appear then dig into the soil. Then, figure out how quickly the minerals respawn in that area, and keep mining it at those intervals – this entgopia you keep the mineral area a secret for as long as possible. To search for each type of mineral you will need to add more bombs to be dropped per “click”.

The goal we had starting out is to level her mining skills to a point where she is using at least the tt mining gear entropoa and also for her to be able to play daily without depositing yet. Many miners use a around the box then down the middle approach. Range indicates the search radius where your finder will search in to find resources. When you first start out you ghide probably just want to search for whatever you can find, but as you get into the game you will want to tailor minibg mining to the specific items you are looking for, in which case you will want to use a mining map.

A raw ore, energy matter, or treasure usually has a refined version of itself. Eventually if you keep asking questions about mining you will find out a lot more. When you hit a level V claimis this volume in PED of the claim between 3 — 4.

Claims in this 58 difference you will not find so your loosing peds Agree it isn’t much but doing this over and over again