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Oil & Gas | EPC contractors · HVAC · Water · Process Control · Steam Technology · LinkedIN · Twitter · Facebook · YouTube · Google+ · Pinterest. Print Email. Fibre flange gasket (DIN) Econosto Novus 34 GASKET NOVUS34 NORM EN SET A 20 PIECES DIM.: 92 X 49 X MM DNPN10/ Novus 10 Gasket Sheet Jointing is a universal grade gasket sheet jointing that’s designed to especially suitable for using under conditions where there is an.

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Vul een geldig e-mail adres in Abonneren op de nieuwsbrief is mislukt. Examples of this are pipe sections joined by means of flanges and gasket to guarantee the leakproof transport of e. Seals Static Seals Dynamic Seals Rubber Hoses Composite Hoses Seals form an essential part of the pipework and equipment in gakset chemical and petrochemical installations e.

Werkplaatskranen, krikken en onderzetbokken. Static seals can be sub-divided into: Hogedruk pijp- en slangklembeugels. Another, very important factor is the installation of the gasket.

Page 963 – EconostoE6v2

An accurate calculation of the flange joint can be made for heat exchangers as well as for flange joints. Beveiliging tegen elektrische stroom. Kabels, klemmen en kettingen. Vloeistof opvangbakken- en systemen. Metallic and semi-metallic gaskets camprofile gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, ring joint gaskets, lens shaped rings, welded membranes, superseals Sheet gaskets Aramid fibre, graphite, PTFE. This is the sealing of two elements that are in motion in relation to each other.


Motoren, reductoren en frequentiesturingen. Zaklantaarns en mobiele verlichting. These seals are used to seal two elements that are permanently stationary in relation to each other.

Bel of Email ons.

The success is mainly thanks to many available qualities of rubber. Econosto includes numerous internationally operating wholesale companies and, as a market-oriented knowledge organization, supplies high quality hoses, gaskets, seals, packing, suitable for each application. Reserve onderdelen en toebehoren. The inner wall of the hose must be resistant to the liquid or the gas that is transported through the hose. Afdichtingen voor sanitaire koppelingen.

Leidingsystemen ferro en non-ferro metaal. Mechanical seals Mechanische dichtingen. Afsluiters, koppelingen en fittingen. In this catalogue we restrict ourselves to the product groups gland packings and O-rings. Gebruik of installeer een nieuwere versie voor een optimale ervaring. Slang- en Pijpbeugels DIN Because of the large variety of synthetic rubber qualities, there is a suitable solution for gaskte every application.

Composite hoses are exceptionally light and flexible hoses, incorporating a metal inner spiral and various gwsket windings. The primary demands on a seal are the following: Oppervlaktebescherming, verf en toebehoren.


Hierdoor is het mogelijk dat deze website niet volledig wordt getoond. Hydrauliek en pneumatiek afdichtingen. U maakt gebruik van een oude browser!

Klik hier voor de omnummertabel. Afsluiters voor specifieke toepassingen.

Rubber hoses consist of a lining, inserts and a cover. Precisie folie en vulplaten. Budgetten en autorisaties Regel uw inkoopproces met budgetten en autorisatie Meer informatie. Dommekrachten, vijzels en machineheffers. Heeft u hulp nodig met uw account? These applications require very special seals, which are referred to as mechanical seals. They are used primarily for filling and emptying the liquid tanks of ships, tankers and rail wagons.

Sealings and Gaskets | Siekmann Econosto

Installation reliability depends for great part on the correct functioning of seals. Machine bedieningsonderdelen Norm elementen. Examples of this are e.

Blindklinknagels -moeren en gereedschappen. One should pay attention to mechanical resistance to wear thermal and chemical characteristics and the required impermeability to gas. The inserts ensure pressure resistance and shape stability of the hose. Parts of equipment such as e. Lijmen, kitten en borgen.

Gids voor veiligheid op de werkplek.