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Dear students here we provide notes for Anna university 5th sem Subject EC TRANSMISSION LINES AND WAVEGUIDES Lecture Notes pdf. you can . ec transmission lines and waveguides notesANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 5TH SEMESTERDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: transmission lines. Imp Ec – Transmission Lines and Waveguides – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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EC2305 Transmission Lines and Wave guides QUESTION PAPER

Define reflection loss Reflection loss is defined as the number of nepers or decibels by which the current in the load under image matched conditions would exceed the current actually flowing in the load Transverse magnetic Waveguidee wave is a wave in which the magnetic field strength H is entirely transverse.

What are cavity resonators?

Waveform distortion is of two types: Explain single stub matching on a transmission line and derive the expression and the length of the stub used for matching on a line? What is the dominant mode in a circular waveguide The dominant mode for TM waves in a circular waveguide is the TM01 because it has the root value tranxmission 2.

An infinite line is a transmissio in which the length of the transmission line is infinite.

ECTransmission lines and wave guides – Lecture Notes – Mohanavalli Edition

What ed2305 nodes and antinodes on a line? The standing wave ratio S and the position of a voltage minimum are the independent measurements that must be made to find the location and length of the stub. Explain about transverse electromagnetic waves between a pair of perfectly conducting planes?


The resistance R increases with square root of f while trqnsmission L increases with f. The dominant mode for a circular waveguide is defined as the lowest order mode having the lowest root value.

Give reasons for preferring a short- circuited stub when compared to an open circuited stub. What is TH wave or E wave?

Since the root value of TE11 is lower than TM01TE11 is the dominant or the lowest order mode llnes a circular waveguide. What is the nature and value of Z0 for the dissipation less line?

What are the possible modes for TE waves in a circular waveguide? What is an infinite line? What are the two independent measurements that must be made to find the location and length of the stub. What are the possible modes for TM waves in a circular waveguide? It is the process of using sections of continuously loaded cables separated by sections of unloaded cables which increases the inductance value When reflection occurs in a line?

When a signal having many frequency components are transmitted along the line, all the frequencies will not have equal attenuation and hence the received end waveform will not be identical with the input waveform at the sending end because each frequency is having different attenuation. The frequency at which the wave motion ceases is called cut-off frequency of the waveguide. If this is the case, the there occurs frequency and phase distortion in the line. So for proper maximum power transfer, the impedances in the sending and receiving end are matched.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Give the formula to calculate the distance d from the voltage minimum to the point stub be connection.

An eighth wave line is used to transform any resistance to an impendence with a ce2305 equal to Roof the line or to obtain a magnitude match between a resistance of any value and a source of Ro internal resistance. Give the formula to calculate the length of the short circuited stub.

EC Transmission Lines and Wave guides QUESTION PAPER

A short circuited line may be solved by determining its admittance. Define Propagation constant Propagation constant is defined as the natural logarithm of the ratio of the sending end current or voltage to the receiving end current or voltage of the line. The performance parameters of microwave resonator are: What is patch loading? Its application is to trasmission load to a source where they cannot be made adjacent.

What is TE wave or H wave? What is a smooth line? Parallel wire, transmission lines So as frequency changes the tramsmission of single stub will have to be changed.