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DEMOLAY() [email protected] · Centennial Courtyard Click HERE to view the Leaders Resource Guide. © DeMolay International. Leader’s Resource Guide. Demolay International Kansas City, Missouri). ( DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide Fifteenth Edition October Printed inUSA o. Demolay Leader’s Resource Guide. 12 likes. Book.

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Ask your mayor1or otller. Supporters can donate to the DeMolay Foundation in a variety of ways. Most of these new membership classes were quite large. Helping the Chapter obtain outstanding Masonic leaders for speakers, visitations, etc.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide – PDF

The amount collected shall be applied first to the relief of a distressed worthy member, or the relative of one, and if there be none, then to the relief of some needy deserving person or persons. Prepare and present a class on “Goed Mannei1f,’ rezource a loca] elementary school.

Education and Career Guidance a. The Advisory Council should invite the superintendent and principal. A Grand Master and four other elected officers lead the Council. However, your primary resource will be your Chapter members and dedicated members of the adult leadership team and enthusiastic Chapter leaders who stand ready to help you.

A DeMolay is courteous. Others, such as ceremonies, newspaper, etc. This committee generally is composed of the Councilors, a DeMolay WeekIMonth chairman, a public relations or publicity chairman, the Chapter Advisor and any other DeMolay adult workers who may. Dad Land’s speech was an important catalyst.


DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide | DeMolay University

He said that DeMolayshould not be an exclusiveorganization. Ford in During the early years, another important distinction that might come to someone connected with DeMolaywas the Founder’s Cross.

Almoner – Under the jurisdiction of the Master Counciloror the Advisory Council, the Almoner shall distribute the charity funds of the Chapter, as collectedby passing the box of fraternal assistance at specificmeetings of the Chapter as the Master Councilor directs. Here’s the difference between an honor and an award: Ask a qualified speaker to talk on the operation of government.

This one-page form includes information on the member’s degrees and the fees he has paid. It takes teamwork to succeed … in the game, on the job and in life.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide

Publish the monthly new. The success of a Chapter will be greatly influenced by the conduct of the Scribe. Uplwlding the laws and regulations of the Supreme Council and the Chapter is a duty that slwuld not leeader passed over lightly. Ritual written by Frank A. Step 2 List the income you expect from each event. The first task ofeach committee should be to choose a chairman and schedule a meeting.


With your dedication and leadership, DeMolay will continue to provide a positive fraternal experience for you and other young men. After Dad Land reiated the story of Jacques DeMo]ay, the group decided to name itselffor this historical figure connected with Masonry.

Leadership Training Conferences are designed in particular for young men above the minimum membership age. Reorganized inthe Alumni Association is open to any male over the age of21 who believes in the future of DeMolay.

Prepare publicity for local newspapers, radio and television stations, giving detailed reports on Senior DeMolays to be honored.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide

All planning for the program should be worked out in cooperation with the other officers, the Chapter, the Advisors and any special committees. Career Guidance Programs get positive results when they are well-organized.

One of the great things about DeMolay is that your achievements and denolay are recognized all along the way. In addition, staff members maintain information on DeMolay Chapter activities and keep the names, addresses and membership records on every DeMolay. Motivate his Chapter to share DeMolay by recruiting new members.