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Le circuit magnétique d’une installation de compensateur synchrone est compris dans une machine électrique connectée directement à une haute tension. Moteur synchrone qui tourne à vide et dont la seule fonction est de fournir ou d’ absorber de la puissance réactive sur une ligne de transport ou. RPR Hydro saura vous offrir des produits de qualité adaptés à vos besoins. ALTERNATEURS HYDROÉLECTRIQUES. COMPENSATEURS SYNCHRONES.

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Information plate showing technical specifications of condenser unit. Wechselstrom-Hochspannungsgenerator mit mindestens zwei elektrisch getrennten Wicklungen. Procede de fabrication de cables conducteurs toronnes comprenant des torons conducteurs isoles. IE Free format text: Star connected air gap polyphase armature having limited voltage gradients at phase boundaries. R Ref document number: Improvements in or relating to packing means for conductors in stator slots of dynamo-electric machines.

In a practical machine with losses, the equivalent circuit will contain a resistor in parallel with the terminals to represent mechanical and magnetic losses, and another resistor in series with the generator and L, representing copper losses in the stator. In between, the current has minimum value corresponding to a particular excitation see graph on right.

Conductor for high-voltage windings and a rotating electric machine comprising a winding including the conductor. In electrical engineeringa synchronous condenser sometimes called a synchronous capacitor or synchronous compensator is a DC-excited synchronous motorwhose shaft is not connected to anything but spins freely.

This reactive power improves voltage regulation in situations such as when starting large motors, or where power must travel long distances from where it is generated to where it is used, as is the case with power wheelingthe transmission of electric power from one geographic region to another within a set of interconnected electric power systems.

WO2001078214A1 – Compensateur synchrone – Google Patents

Electrostatic grading layer for the surface of an electrical insulation exposed to high electrical stress. Werkwijze voor het tegen vochtinvloeden beveiligen van door een huis omsloten elementen, alsmede vulmassa ten gebruike bij die werkwijze.


If Ie is critically adjusted to a value Ie0, Vg will be equal and opposite to Vs, and the current in the stator Is will be zero.

SE Free format text: Antrieb fuer aus einem Einphasen-wechselstromnetz gespeiste Lokomotiven oder Triebwagen mit Drehstromkurzschluss-laeufermotoren als Fahrmotoren. Zusammengesetzter draht fuer hf-anwendungen, mit solch einem draht gewickelte spule und solch eine spule enthaltende ablenkeinheit.

Einrichtung zur kurzschlusssicheren Befestigung von evolventenfoermig ausgebildeten Staenderwicklungskoepfen luftgekuehlter elektrischer Maschinen. A recent development in the electrical insulation systems of generators and transformers. The variations of I with excitation are known as V curves because of their shape.

WO1999017427A1 – Installation de compensateur synchrone – Google Patents

Equipment for regulating the power transmitted between interconnected alternating current networks. Resin impregnated aromatic polyamide covered glass based slot wedge for large dynamoelectric machines. Impregnated high voltage spacers for use with resin filled hose compensateu systems. Kind code of ref document: PT Free format text: Verfahren und Einrichtung zum Betrieb von Einphasenbahnfahrleitungen, die von mindestens zwei Speisepunkten aus gespeist werden.

synchronous condenser – Wikidata

Extruded cables for high-voltage direct-current transmission: Cooling and insulating system for extra high voltage electrical machine with a spiral winding. F Ref document number: Foerfarande foer eliminering av stoerningar i ett elkraftoeverfoeringsnaet samt koppling i ett elkraftoeverfoeringsnaet.

DE Free format text: Method and device for compensatehr the magnetic flux in a rotating high voltage electric alternating current machine. A collection of writing tools that cover the many facets of English and French grammar, style and usage. The use of rotating synchronous condensers was common compenswteur the s.

Einrichtung zum magnetischen Verschluss offener Nuten in elektrischen Maschinen. Spulenwicklung von Wechselstrommaschinen, die sehr starke Stroeme fuehren, mit ringfoermigen Verbindungsleitern.

Asynchronous AC induction electrical machines in cross-interlockingly series connection. Viewed from the supply side of the wynchrone terminals, a negative reactive current will flow out of the syncheone, and the machine will therefore appear as a capacitor, the magnitude of whose reactance will fall as Ir increases above Is0.


DE Ref legal event code: Language Portal of Canada Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes.

EPB1 – Installation a compensateur synchrone – Google Patents

Eisenkern fuer elektrische Geraete, insbesondere Transformatoren, Drosseln od. Method and apparatus for limiting high current electrical faults in distribution networks by use of superconducting excitation in transverse flux magnetic circuit. Year of fee payment: FR Free format text: In which subject field? Because of the rotating inertia of the synchronous condenser, it can provide limited voltage support during very short power drops. Since the machine is ideal, Vg, Vl and Vs will all be in phase, and Is will be entirely reactive i.

Device and method relating to protection of an object against over-currents comprising over-current reduction. Dispositif de connexion sans contact electrique permettant la transmission d’une puissance electrique. Dispositif de montage et d’isolation de conducteurs sur les rotors de machines tournantes electriques.

Load compensation in distance protection of a three-phase power transmission line. This change in power factor is larger than the change in I a with increase in load.

Note that mechanical torque produced by a motor, required by a generator corresponds only to the real power.

Machines electriques tournantes a circuit magnetique pour haute tension et leur procede de fabrication. Reactive power from a capacitor bank decreases when grid voltage decreases, while a synchronous condenser can increase reactive current as voltage decreases.