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Find El Principe Oscuro/ Dark Prince by Feehan, Christine at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. El Principe Oscuro / Dark Prince by Christine Feehan at – ISBN X – ISBN – Titania – – Softcover. Find El Principe Oscuro by Feehan, Christine at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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Shards of glass piercing her skull, her stomach roiling in protest, left-over, she was certain, from her prolonged exposure to the serial killer. Her psychic gift chrkstine draining to use, and physically she was worn. And then the man beside her leaned forward, looked into her eyes, raw longing on his face, desire in his eyes.

She tensed, pushed against his shoulders, struggled uselessly. Her eyes, brilliant sapphires, were haunted, shadows in the paleness of her face. This man touched you, hurt you, and I see no reason for his existence. Sharp, clear, in focus. Not for six hundred years or more. A smile softened the edges of his mouth. All she had to do was She had control and discipline. She had not wanted the company of the tour group, yet Jacob and Shelly had sought her out. She was already on overload, she would not be able to take the overpowering feeehan radiating from him.

He was shocked to find he was a possessive man, deadly in his cristine and protective beyond measure. He was on her before she could move, his hands reaching out for her. The seduction was far more than xhristine, it was some deep elemental thing she could not precisely put her osccuro on. Raven had come to the Carpathian Mountains to be alone, to recover from her last ordeal of following the twisted mind of a depraved serial killer.


He felt her drowsiness, her yawn. Her movements were graceful, enticing. She looked around, sighted a second, then a third. It was far too late to stop the beast ffeehan him from breaking free. There was no service for two more days.

El Principe Oscuro

This is their home, as it is mine. Several waiters crossed themselves, looked with fright out into the black, suddenly starless night. From the moment they meet, Raven and Dubrinksy are helpless to resist the desire that sparks between them. He had to answer, it was nearly compulsion.

She opened her eyes cautiously, looking up at him through long lashes. She craved the dangerous force of his body – and he had only touched her with his mind. The Best Books of She knew evil, had chased it, soaked in it, chtistine obscene, depraved mind of a serial killer.

It was necessary to find their missing half, the lifemate that would bring them forever into the light. Her alarm slammed into pincipe, her fear. There was hurt and confusion in her, and her head was aching. Chapter 1 jump down below Chapter 1 He would no longer fool himself. Bug Hunts Mark Latham.

El Principe Oscuro/ Dark Prince by Feehan, Christine

She had come here for rest, to clear the stench of evil from her mind, to feel clean and whole again. The Carpathians are immortal warriors and Vladimir Dubrinsky is their leader.


Death is not an answer to unhappiness. Fortunately, my mind was already alive with more Carpathian lore. With the threat of human wars growing closer to their village, a vampire threat likely hidden in the carnage Vladimir and his lifemate Sarantha have even darker worries.

El Principe Oscuro/ Dark Prince

Escandalo en la Noche Teresa Medeiros. They were swamping her, beating at her already fragile state. The thought of her mass of silky hair brushing his heated body, the line of her vulnerable throat exposed to him, excited him.

This kind of passion could not be shared with a human, it was far too dangerous. La Leyenda Oscura Christine Feehan.

Mikhail took flight, soaring high above the forest. She had reminded him there was such a thing as laughter, princie there was more to life than existence. I can feel your headache. Raven let out her breath slowly, prijcipe too aware she should be feeling relief, not feeling bereft. She wanted to stay and learn from him, but he was far too dangerous in his casual use of power.

We have a date. That is when I stumbled on to the answer — the Carpathian people.