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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is the third Nintendo DS game in the Castlevania series. Players take on the role of Shanoa, a member of the Order of Ecclesia. Beating the game for the first time will unlock new modes. A bat will appear next to your save file which you can select to start a new game. Everything carries. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia walkthrough part 2. mode, and I’d also like to see a decent guide for the Large Cavern and Training Hall.

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This fight could be end before you run out of Heart. He’ll keep on teleporting, around the battlefield, releasing fireballs, burning energy spheres and energy ray that rains down. Not understand the trick?

Make sure you search for the upper part of this area to find the Valkyrie Mask. Before heading to the Somnus Reef, you’ll need to revisit some previous dungeons you have cleared. Clear the enemies and grab all the loot. Defeat Werewolf x10 in Oblivion Ridge.

WALKTHROUGH – Guide for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Beat the next passage with 2 more Automaton ZX27 to reach to the last room. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? There is a teleporter room to the upper right so visit it to unlock it in your map. Make your way up, grab the G and enter the room to the right to grab the chest’s content.

If you head to the next room to the lower left, you’ll find the Cubus glyph by destroying the falling blocks. The wall behind that Draculina can be destroyed and inside there can find Refectio glyph and Hanged Man Ring. The boss will then stand on its hind legs so quickly run in the middle of its four legs and switch to Melio Ascia. Bottom left is to exit the place.


Attack the wall to the upper right and user Paries again to navigate to the other room. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you can now activate the Arma Machina glyph to help.

WALKTHROUGH – Guide for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia on Nintendo DS (DS) () –

Fight your way through the ghoul infested hallway then continue to the right first. Attack the space to the upper right to find a Cream Puff.

fcclesia Save your game before the final boss. For now, take the middle left path to advance. Prepare to head out ugide enter the next area when ready.

Top left room contains Gold as well, another thing is you can break the top left part of this room to get a Schinitzel.

Lot of enemies do appear in more than one location, I only list down the easier places to encounter these enemies, and it’s based on Normal Mode. You will get the Death Ring from the treasure chest. Enter the path to the top left corner and drop off to the large room.

BradyGames Order of Ecclesia Official Strategy Guide

Use magnes to boost using the orbs. Quest 3 – Case of Hideous Snowman – Requested item: Race mode is where you can compete with other players for highest score in three different stages.

Save your game and head to the next area. I’ll make a revision when I have free time later. You can have a try if you need it now. Then, wait for the castleania horizontal spike to pass and jump to the left then duck immediately. Go down through the floor in the lower left. Grab the Heart Max Up from the chest. Once it does, move away and use the tail as the ramp don’t step on the blade and ride the boss on its back.


Once it gets to your position, jump and activate Magnes. The wall behind that Draculina can be destroyed and inside there can find Refectio glyph and Hanged Man Ring.

Free the villager named Laura then enter the room to the top left to reveal the teleporter room. About the second level of the cliff, the wall on the right is breakable, so break it and grab the Onyx from the wall. As you can see a glyph appears while the Fire Demon start casting the fire spell.

Defeat the enemies and grab the chests containing a Cabriolet and a random treasure respectively. Corn Soup; add Corn Soup, Minestrone into the shop.

Table of Contents

Afterwards, take the top right door. Break it to get the Falcis sickle glyph. Double jump whenever his shadow raises its arm should be right. Use Ignis to clear them out and grab the treasures inside. Enter the top right door to reach the last area of the castle.

Break it for a Green Drops. Your next destination is the Skeleton Cave. Eccleeia the statue to obtain Melio Falcis. Depending on your level, if each of your Glyph Union guixe deals over damage, this battle will end before the boss finish the first move, yes just in a few seconds.