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CalculuxArea Version Calculux Area Calculux Area Contents Contents Calculux. Calculux Area by Philips Lighting B.V.. Versions: and. File name: No specific info about version Please visit the main page of Calculux Area on Software Informer. Share your experience: Write a review.

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In the figure below, the distance between the calculation grid points in AB and AC direction is: You can set a default calculation grid for each application field type in the application field defaults dialogue box. For example, you can incorporate: The angle is measured counter clockwise from the AB-axis normally this is the X-axis.

Less illumination is required in training cwlculux in competition resulting in a smaller number of luminaires used in training. With Afea you can calculate each of the above quality figures.

SLI specific luminaire index;; Lav average maintained road calculud h” luminaire height minus eye height; p number of luminaires per kilometer. For connecting a grid to an application field the following grid point methods are possible: The user decides whether to use symmetry or not.

The luminaires in an arrangement are positioned and aimed according to the arrangement rule and are stored under the ‘arrangement name’.

To simplify the definition of the attributes, the arrangements dialogue box is split into the following four tab pages.

The unchanged original AutoCAD drawing, including the lighting design, can than be returned to your customer. You can connect a grid to a arez field, ensuring that any changes made to the field parameters automatically change the grid parameters.


The area covered by the outbound of the shape will be excluded from the calculations. Report setup6 Selection of luminaries6. Position and orientation conventions are the same as used for luminaire positioning and orientation, including the use of symmetry. Glare Glare rating Unbearable 90 80 Disturbing 70 60 Just admissible 50 40 Noticeable 30 20 Unnoticeable 10 For glare rating calculations the following formula is used: Because both the grids and the shapes must be defined in a menu by entering the parameters, it is a time consuming and complex exercise.

Deepak Devman Jagtap Sep 06, For the luminance the designer has to specify the reflectance of the area considered. A Block obstacle is defined using the parameters given below: All values below the threshold will not be presented.

All these files are the same for both Calculux Area and Calculux Road.

Calculux area 7.0 download

Insert an obstacle that may interfere with the direction of the lighting and effect the lighting design. However, Calculux does not give any guidelines for quantitative values or where the quality figures should be applied.

Tables calclux the calculated values are displayed. Arrangement Definition For the definition of a Free Arrangement only the name of the arrangement has to be specified.

The following four obstacle types can be distinguished: Click here to sign up. In Calculux shapes can be defined in two ways: The rounded surface of the semi cylinder, however, can have any orientation. Per row, the orientation must be: RTB Wetsurface W1 3.


Calculux area 7.0 download

Maintenance costs per year. This coefficient is defined as the ratio of the luminance at a point to the horizontal illuminance at the same point as obtained from a single luminaire: If you do not want calculxu and it does happen, click on arex Cancel button and the action will be undone.

By means of movement detectors you can automatically switch of luminaires when an area is not ‘occupied’. Obstacles affect all direct light light from a luminaire to a calculation point hitting any surface of the obstacle. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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If you have some suggestions, feel free to send me! The grid will remain at the same position when the application field is moved and will also be deleted if calcluux application field is deleted. The calculations are carried out at the grid point positions with the ‘Height above grid’ parameter being added to the Z-coordinate see figure below.

The lower the level of Threshold Increment, the better the visibility. In a Free Arrangement the luminaires are considered as part of an calcukux but there is no arrangement rule for defining the number of luminaires and their positions. If included in the project, you must specify the xyz coordinates of each observer’s position. The following maintenance factors are specified: