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ACTIVE. Operating Instructions. Frequency Inverter V / V. kW. BONFIGLIOLI VECTRON recommends the connection of the device to mains volt . for industrial field. Bonfiglioli Vectron delivers products and services for completely integrated inverter solutions. These solutions complement Bonfiglioli’s power. BACK TO BONFIGLIOLI. ACTIVE and ACTIVE Cube Installation manual – Feed -through mounting Frequency Inverter V / V kW. ACTIVE und ACTIVE Cube Installations anleitung – Durchsteckmontage Frequenzumrichter V.

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Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The data type uint, int, long are exchanged in a telegram.

During transport and storage the devices must remain in their original packaging. Asynchronous AC motors Permanent magnet synchronous brushless motors.


Status Of Digital Signals Status of digital signals The status of the digital signals can be read decimal coding via parameter Digitaland Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

There is a report of the system bus state and a report of the CAN state via two actual value parameters. Motor temperature The temperature monitoring is a part of the error and warning behavior which can be freely configured. Check the encoder for proper function. Pictograms And Signal Words Used Pictograms and signal words used The following pictograms and signal words are used in the documentation: Depending on the encoder system bonfig,ioli, certain parameters need actlve be set up.

Motor Temperature Bonfigluoli temperature The temperature monitoring is a bonfigliolu of the error and warning behavior which can be freely configured. Up to three PDO channels with differing properties can be used in one de- vice. Raw material handling Feed system, conveyor, mixer. Power supply Depending on the power demand of the encoder, you can connect an external power supply to terminals XA.


The planning of the system bus is done in three steps: Initialize Counting Direction 6. Page 73 With this method, there are up to three possibilities for a meaning of the contents of the individual bytes. The assignment of the con- trol signals to the available software functions can be adapted to the application in question. Installation Installation General The mechanical and electrical installation of the EM-ABS extension module must be carried out by qualified personnel according to the general and regional safety and installation directives.

The broad support for various field bus systems and the standardized interface for motion control applications make Active Cube an excellent jack of all trades for your application needs.

The characteristic point on the X axis is calculated according to the following formula: The EM-ABS extension module is supplied in a housing for assembly on the lower slot of the frequency inverter.

Active Series

Turn the frequency inverter off. Raw material handling Feeding, washing and sorting systems, conveyors.

Product Range Catalogue- Wind Industry. Motor Shaft Revolutions 65 For application encoders, a gear transmission between the application encoder and motor must be parameterized via a gear factor see chapter 8. Tertiary packaging Palletizing machines. As CAN does not possess a subscriber-oriented, but a message-oriented addressing via the identifiers, the logical channels can be displayed via it. Technical vectrob of control terminals Digital inputs XB.


Depending on the application avtive, certain EMC levels must be achieved. This auxiliary voltage enables powering an encoder via the voltage output of the control terminal.

Encoder Raw Data Depending on the encoder technology used, the actual value parameter is built up as follows: Client Sdo system Bus Master 7. We would also like to point out that the contents of this documentation do not form part of any pre- vious or existing agreement, assurance or legal relationship.

Danger refers to an immediate threat.

Active Series : Bonfiglioli

Cable Assembly Endat 2. The power filters are a component to improve EMC behavior in a machine installation. Atten- Identifiers actlve only be assigned once, i. Filter time constant of the encoder signals and limit the control band width.

Time-controlled TxPDO sends its data at the set time intervals.

Hardware features Integrated dynamic braking module DC link connection Standard HTL encoder interface Motor temperature monitoring Plug-in power terminals up to 3kW Plug-in and programmable control terminals 6 digital input, 1 multifunction input 1 digital output, 1 multifunction output 1 relay output changeover contact Power range Power range: After having read the privacy disclosure: The Baud rate is set up via parameter and defines the available cable length.

In some cases, the bits are also used for transmitting additional information not required for encoder evaluation in the frequency inverter.