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BLOWGUNS. The Breath of Death. The blowgun, sometimes also called a blowpipe or blowtube, has a long but not necessarily well-documented history. The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael Janich reveals the many secrets of its capabilities and uses: how to buy or make your own blowgun and. Buy a cheap copy of Blowguns: The Breath Of Death book by Michael Janich. The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael Janich reveals the many.

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One word of caution; take note of the former contents of tge container you choose for a mouthpiece. Another material that makes an excellent stopper for wire darts is cork. Aluminum tubing is readily available from many hardware and plumbing stores or directly from pipe suppliers. The blowgun also saw frequent use in Japan, where It was a popular assassination tool of the feudal Ninja.

When it s cured, push it out w ith dowel rod, cut it into sections, and sand the corners round. Of course, if after reading this book you choose to make your own blowgan, you will have no choice but to fashion thee own darts as well In any case, making blowgun darLs is not difficult. The shafts of these darts can be reused and resharpened many times.

Always carry poisoned darts b,owguns a protective container until ready for use.

IF you purchase a commercial blowgun, it will usually be shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailing Lube. If you have trouble doing this, place the point of a sharpened pencil at the center point of one of the long edges of the paper, with the pencil running parallel to the edge. B LOW GUNS; The Breath of Death When you do find a suitable piece, you’ll have to fashion a tool at least half the length of your barrel to drill out the barriers between each section to create an open tube.

In Lhe latter, you learn lo judge the proper ele- vation of the gun by the visual gap between the target and the muzzle of Lhe blowgun. I had seen advertisements for such guns in the classified sections of outdoor magazines, but I never believed that they could be anything more than gimmicks or toys. For those of you w’ho five outside these two staLcs or who conceal your practice from the prying eyes of the law, l hope that this book will inspire you to buy or make a blowgun of your own.


Historical accounts tell of natives who could shoot hummingbirds in flight with their blowguns or kill a feer with a poisoned dart at yards.

Blowguns: The Breath of Death

The shortest is 3 feet in length; the longest is 7 feet Unlike Malaysian guns, these blowguns are not usually equipped with mouth- pieces and are some- what more difficult to shoot. You can also use practically any kind of object to support or steady the weapon while shooting.

Another beath technique for camouflaging a blowgun is to use commercially made archery bow limb covers.

If Lhe mouthpiece Is already attached, hold the muz- zle end of the gun against the table top while pushing down gen- tly on the breech end. This makes It ideal for pest control in your backyard, where louder weapons would disturb neighbors.


Jfit is necessary to get more of Lhe substance into your target’s bloodstream, you can modify the syringe darL by adding a rubber band assist to the plunger. However, it is the best and one of very few resource on blow guns that I have read.

In addition to its continued use by native tribes, it is also the weapon of choice for ornithologists when collecting bird specimens, as it can launch very thin darts that will not damage the appearance of the bird’s feathers. No trivia or quizzes yet. Attach the fin- ished stoppers to the dart shafts with super glue or epoxy. Carefully place it in the hole in the rubber or cork plug at the base of the Lube so that it is nearly touching the primer of the shell casing.

This often occurs when the tube is cut with a saw.

Jr marked it as to-read Jul 12, It could also be used as a mounting for a knife or spike, converting it into a spear. At the end oF each spoke is a sna p clip lha t accepts the shaft of a dart.

The final step in preparing your barrel is to make sure there are no rough edges in the bore at either end. The foam rubber sold in sewing and craft stores works equally well and can be cut to make a variety of small targets.


Another source of commercial blowguns is a company called simply Blowguns. The only stipulation was that I had to retrieve the darts he shot. Tubes with very thin wall thicknesses are preferable, as they are not only lighter but are more certain to break on impact.

Blowguns: The Breath of Death by Michael Janich

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. You may eventually get more ambitious and try making a take- down blowgun. If you want a little extra weight to guarantee good penetration, drop in a couple of steel BBs. Stupero, but recently the Ddath family bought Stupero’s entire business. This will help prevent debris from getting into the muz- zle or the Pore.

McFarlin’s blowguns have a bore diameter of. Lhe Jivaro Indians are so expert, they can hit dfath hummingbird at 50 yards with one of these guns.

Full text of “Blowguns The Breath of Death Michael Janich Paladin Press”

If the mouth of the bottle happens brwath be the seath size as the outside diameter of your barrel tube, you can simply cut off the base of the bottle with a hacksaw, sand it smooth, and glue it in place on the breech end of your tube. The thickness of the sealant can sometimes be enough Lo cause a dart to stick in Lhe bore. All that is necessary is a thin shaft of some durable material with a plug or stopper of some sort affixed to the tail to provide a good seal in the bore of ihegun.

Perhaps the next bloqguns common method of accessorizing a blow- gun is to camouflage it, iryou intend to use vour gun for hunting game with color vision, this is a necessity.

Though a bit more expensive, thin knitting nee- dles make excellent dart shafts.