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Edmunda Wiercińskiego (Wrocław, Poland); (“Księga Rodzaju 2”); Katarzyna Figura (Warszawa, Poland); (“Badania terenowe nad ukraińskim seksem”). Na podstawie powieści Oksany Zabużko Badania terenowe nad ukraińskim seksem. Сучасний ідеал чоловіка в жіночій літературі. На основі роману Оксани. Międzynarodową sławę i sukces przyniosły jej “Badania terenowe nad ukraińskim seksem”. Ostatnia powieść Zabużko – “Muzeum porzuconych.

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Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex

The point is to chew it. Paperback bdaania, pages. This was lyric and beautiful. I think it can best be described as a master class in philosophy delivered in a slightly torrential form. It’s a book that really begs for a night of discussion with friends over many bottles of wine.

Refresh and try again. Those first few pages introduced me to a rhythm that would become familiar through the book: You can not skim this book.

Het begin van het boek gaat over een verwoestende relatie tussen twee Oekraiense kunstenaars, die het gelukt is om zich te ontworstelen aan de middelmaat in het doormodderende land.

I think I won’t be satisfied until I read this at least 2 bxdania times. Feb 24, Jose Luis Liantener rated it liked it Shelves: They are all people I have met.

CEEOL – Article Detail

I was tired of waiting for myself to get round to Museum of Abandoned Secrets and, in finishing it, finally earn the licence to harangue you about it; I was tired of waiting for the optimal time to try Kindle Unlimited for a month or two so I could read the much shorter Fieldwork inclusive with that.

Jun 13, Kent Winward rated it liked it. May 30, Jen rated it it was amazing. Difficult to read both because of subject matter and the way it is written.

Born in Lutsk, Ukraine, Zabuzhko studied philosophy at the Kiev University, where she also obtained her doctorate in aesthetics in This book is overbearing, and it can be too hard to follow — it jumps around so much. On universal pain points I could relate, but I was always left with a nagging sense that the emotional response I was supposed to have wasn’t quite up to snuff.

  BGI 504-37 PDF

But bloody hell, what an awful man is this painter she falls for. This is a painful, occasionally hard to follow narrative of the grotesque end of a love badajia punctuated with small and devastatingly perceptive mini-treatises on writing, art, trust in other humans, the state of being a writer trapped in a native language that no one speaks, the state as Zabuzhko describes it of being trapped between ukeainskim and an existence that kills you.

Zabuzhko’s volleys of anger are set apart from a hundred other rage-fuelled, more-or-less feminist fictionalised rants by the magnitude of her intellectual force and wit, and her and her translator Halyna Hryn’s verbal dexterity.

Zabuzhko’s ranting is brilliant ranting of any type, and the quality of writing deserves to win out over any minor reservations over the topic. Zo ook Zabuzhko, die dit boek schreef in Amerika, waar het zich ook voor een deel afspeelt. This is the novel of a poet. That’s how much I liked and wanted to quote this book. Want to Read saving….

It’s hugely engrossing in that way – but this isn’t a novel, or something to speed read. Allenstein listen ; Old Polish: She was a signatory of the Charter 77 proclamation. It took a little bit to get into.

Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex by Oksana Zabuzhko

Actually, now that I’m thinking nxd it, if you were ever in a situation where you needed to assess compatibility with someone, reading this together would probably be the fastest badznia most thorough way to do so.

Published June 6th by AmazonCrossing first published January 1st As it is, the friends of mine who would be interested in such a discussion are all currently abroad, but it did Weksem is a tricky one to pin down Ga er maar aan staan. Though he is hardly brotherly of course, becoming hectoring and occasionally violent, and there are rows, verbally vicious on both sides, about plenty else as well as sex.


In four years of owning this Kindle, I’d never before encountered the message “you have reached the clipping limit for this item”.

Ugrešić, Zabużko i Mabanckou na Festiwalu Conrada

This is a ranting, angry, digressive book, so why not shoehorn a couple of paragraphs of my own rant in too? This isn’t really a traditional narrative. I really had to stop and think about what she was presenting.

Such heights of intoxication often lead the lover to ignore what, in the absence of potent chemistry, would have been major reservations, but here there were more than most: I’m not quite sure how original the allegory between personal consent and national consent was, but it was personal.

A brilliant Eastern European poet learns the hard seksfm that it can be hell to be a relationship with a painter. To many frequent readers, or aspiring writers, of fiction, the occasional vanity thought-lapse into narrating oneself in third person is as ukarinskim an ingrained part of mental activity as speaking of “I”, or of exhorting oneself or generalising about self and supposed others as “you”.

Yes, I’d have rather paid a non-Amazon urainskim the same, and yes I’ve heard the arguments in favour of novellas being as pricey as doorstops, but I think publishers, even those of stuff you love, should be a long way down the list of hkrainskim concerns after more urgent needs. Zabuzhko is more explicit in connecting violent relationships – and automatic assumptions about reproduction that, though near in history, may be alien to the twenty-first century secular Anglo-American – to her national history and culture; Ferrante almost never generalises, simply telling her characters’ story – she shows without telling – but the same principle invades their relationships as soon as they get married, as ukrsinskim by Zabuzhko: