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plant perception (a.k.a. the Backster effect). Plants are living things with cellulose cell walls, lacking nervous or sensory organs. Animals do not. Grover Cleveland Backster Jr. could always spot a liar. When he publicized his findings, the so-called Backster effect became a pop-culture. The Spirit Science Source Field series begins here, as we dive into the field by exploring something called the backster effect! Cleve Backster was very.

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How plants react to their environment and to each other ultimately comes back to our interactions with plants. Backster’s experiments have been duplicated thousands of times by many persons using many variations and have been well publicized on TV and in many books Walt Woods, map dowser and author of the page booklet Letter to Robin: As a control three of five pipettes contained brine shrimp while the remaining two only bacmster water: A Mini Course in Pendulum Dowsing.

Plant Sensitivity and Sensation. Klein didn’t teach Mr. He should have known that moisture or humidity changes would affect the GSR readings.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. American Scientist 67 3: The instrument registered no change in the plant and the myth was considered as “busted” in that episode. A galvanometer is an instrument that detects minute electric currents, often used as a part of the polygraph lie detector. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Senses like sight and smell, a domain argued to belong to animals, also apply to the plant world and attests to the significance of plant senses.


On a whim, Backster attached electrodes of a galvanometer to a nearby dracaena plant. He concluded that the plants were acting like batteries, storing the energy of his thoughts and intentions.

He also claims that plants can read human minds. That third party would also make sure that the polygraphers wouldn’t be able to see what the secretary was doing during the experiment, lest they be influenced by something in her behavior.

Would it be possible to use a tribute plant far away from commercial crops as a sort of early warning for the others? New Solutions for Restoring Our Planet After all, Backster may have finally found a proper use for the polygraph.

Cleve Backster – Wikipedia

After a couple of days, volatile gases were collected from each of the plants and it was demonstrated that plants connected to the central plant via underground fungal networks were able to produce protective chemicals as opposed to the two unconnected bean plants.

But I could try. Grover Cleveland Backster Jr. What is very curious is that after more than thirty years of experiments, there is still no evidence that Backster and his many supporters see the importance of using controls in their studies of alleged plant perception.

The Secret Life of Plants – Harvard Science Review

Fall Tagged as: Cleve Backster was also famous, notorious in fact, and had been since about when he first claimed that plants have primary perceptions which can sense human thoughts backxter respond to them. Kmetz noted that Backster had not used proper controls in his experiments.


Plants have DNA and have evolved by natural and artificial selection.

Do Plants Have Feelings? There you will read such things as “a flowering weed—mousear cress Arabidopsis thaliana —can sense the particular chewing noise of its most common caterpillar predator and adjust its chemical defenses in response.

Cleve Backster

One day, Backster approached his Backstdr Massangeana with a lighted match and acted as if he were going to burn it. Skeptical Inquirer 2 2: Backster also observed a reaction in a plant when even the smallest cells were killed near it. Scientific Truth Verification, Lie Detection. Clearly, Backster is a very curious individual.

Swann is the one quoted above who falsely claims that Backster’s work was vindicated in the s by neurobiologists when it was discovered that plants have neural networks. Indian scientist Jagadish Chandra Bosebegan to conduct experiments on plants in the year