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Full colour printed textbook of Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds for NDT cover. : 3This. The use of ultrasonics to test pipeline girth welds during pipeline today, the use of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) of girth welds is becoming increasingly. This page book provides an overview of the principles of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) of girth welds, and explains the many parameters that influence.

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Breakdown of missed defects. Defects associated with copper in the weld.

To learn more about how we use cookies on this website, and how you can restrict our use of cookies, please review our Cookie Policy. In order to get good performance in field operations with AUT systems, this suggests that attention to the competence of the operator is essential. The early AUT systems used probes to focus beams of ultrasound onto zones along the weld fusion line. Misclassifying a planar defect as volumetric might effectively be the same as missing it altogether, since it might not be investigated or repaired.

TOFD size measures have been proven to be good for buried and deep defects Ref. Weld profile Companies who offer mechanised welding services use various types of welding preparations for the profile of the ends of the pipe. A false cap may be worth including with the calibration or set-up block to reduce timing errors. There is a considerable time and cost involved in this preparatory work.

Alternatively, such a defect could be assessed with an additional length added equal to the automatfd of the pipe seam weld i. From the weld, ultrasonic data is collected from which the defect sizes and positions can be determined by experienced operators using dedicated software algorithms. Automated ultrasonic testing AUT is globally seen as more than just an alternative to the standard radiographic inspection technique not only because it does not poses safety hazards but also because it is faster, more reliable and has better detection capabilities of critical Lack of Fusion defects in pipeline girth welds.

Using the PipeWIZARD software, the operator inputs the minimum and maximum possible pipe thicknesses based auromated tolerances provided by manufacturer.

Such cracking could not readily be induced during welding so it was decided to machine narrow slots into the welds after fabrication. Journal home Journal issue About the journal. In order that the AUT contractors were able to set up their equipment effectively, a coupon of pipe material was sent to each one, to be made into calibration pieces, as specified in the ASTM standard Ref. The weld caps were covered with tape to prevent sight of the external defects and the pipe ends were covered to prevent access to see the insides.


Two types of weld were studied. A section, Figure 5shows this form of cracking to be much like liquation cracking and is distributed throughout the weld so that its misclassification as porosity is understandable.

Automated Ultrasonic inspection of Girth Welds in Seamless Pipes with the Olympus PipeWIZARD

Details aktomated this will be included in a future publication. Schematic of pulse-echo reflection beam paths. They were set at appropriate angles to detect reflected energy from any lack of fusion at the focal areas.

Areas of porosity were required, as this was believed to be a feature that could be a problem for AUT detection.

Conventional, zone-based sizing can give an testjng band in the range from mm. The interpretation of the radiographs demonstrated that the welding companies had produced a good set of defects in both types of weld and the defects were well distributed around the weld circumferences.

Their results were then compared with the best of several radiographic inspections. Copper cracking was generally misclassified and transverse defects were not detected reliably. Each of the contractors set up their equipment with transverse slots in the calibration coupons but these are made of plane pipe with no weld cap or root bead. However, the approach does allow a good breadth of coverage in the comparison.

Transverse cracking was also included in the specification. Sorry, this page is piepline available in your country. The two features were included into a set of other, real areas of porosity and the list fed back to each AUT contractor.

While the basic approach is similar from most suppliers, there are significant differences as well as new developments in response to the demands of the marketplace. A standard briefing was given to auhomated company. Usually the AUT systems are mounted on a band strapped around the pipe.

Customs, duties, and taxes vary widely from country to country; please check with your local customs agency for details on estimated costs. The fracture mechanics method needs to be able to handle complex shaped defects to reduce such over-conservatism. Cracking, transverse to the direction of welding, was wdlds simulated. An accuracy of better than 1 mm has been cited but it is unlikely to be as good for real defects.

  KEP 536 PJ 2000 PDF

This site uses cookies to enhance performance, analyze traffic, and for ads measurement purposes. Adequate time was given to each AUT company to ensure that they would not be pressured by time. When considering the deficiencies of AUT, it should be remembered that RT is by no means a perfect inspection system to compare it with.

The purchaser is responsible for advising ASNT of any customs regulations pertaining to the order and for supplying all proper customs declaration forms with the order. This degree of rigor was warranted since the RT results were to be used as the baseline to evaluate the reliability of the AUT results. If you testnig 2nd day or next day shipping if the order comes in before noon eastern standard time it virth be shipped the same day. The accuracy of characterisation was evaluated subsequently on a subset of defects by metallographic section of all the defects in one weld, selected with a good selection of defect types.

It was decided to conduct a trial of several AUT systems to establish the capabilities. Seven AUT contracting companies then tested the sample welds in blind trials. Only the first measure is available from radiography but both can be estimated from the ultrasonic data. Orders are processed as quickly as possible and shipped the next business day of the receipt.

Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds

tetsing The beam parameters the software creates for the low and high thicknesses are based on the parameters that were assigned to the medium thickness setup at calibration.

Furthermore challenges regarding the use of AUT on Austenitic welding having a corrosion-resistant alloy layer are presented. Each company inspected the welds independently, under the oversight of Advantica staff.

A comparison of amplitude based AUT size values with destructive measures Ref.