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AutoDock web site. AutoDock Vina Video Tutorial! This video tutorial demonstrates molecular docking of imatinib using Vina with AutoDock Tools and PyMOL. Using AutoDock 4 and. Vina with. AutoDockTools: A Tutorial. Written by Ruth Huey, Garrett M. Morris and Stefano Forli. The Scripps Research. – AutoDock 4. Current version of AutoDock. Many parameters available to user. – AutoDock Vina. Rewritten by Oleg Trott, new approach to scoring.

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Vina Video Tutorial

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AutoDock Vina – molecular docking and virtual screening program

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Tutorials — AutoDock

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Functionality that would allow the users to create new atom and pseudo-atom types, and specify their own interaction functions is planned for the future. As in AutoDock, polar hydrogens are needed in the input structures to correctly type heavy atoms as hydrogen bond donors.

Alternatively, if you are familiar with shell scriptingyou can do virtual screening without them.

Any other way to view the results? How accurate is AutoDock Vina?

AutoDock Vina Manual

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