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AudioQuest cables and other audio products combine solid conductors, high- purity metals, specialized geometries, and stable dielectrics to enable naturally. March AudioQuest Sky Interconnects and Volcano Speaker Cables. by Marc Mickelson. “Sky [is] a reference-level interconnect, one of the very best on the. Enjoy the experience of 4K content with help from this AudioQuest Sky HDMI cable. The 4-foot length lets you connect components without leaving extra.

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This is a strategy that other cables companies embrace, but it is applied in different ways. Also, the cables I receive are almost always from the same grouping in a company’s product line and often use the same auddioquest.

It’s hard to convey in words the effect of this confluence of air, smoothness and blackness, but it was very easy to hear. I’m no engineer, so I can’t comment with any sort of credentials about AudioQuest’s Dielectric-Bias System, but I can say that it sounds like it works.

I corresponded with AudioQuest’s Joe Harley two years ago about reviewing some of his company’s cables, and he told me then that Aucioquest had some special new interconnects and speaker cables in development that would soon be available.

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But both cable sets are the sort of products I wish I didn’t have to review so I could maximize my audioqufst simply listening to music with them.

I audioqufst this because you write us most often about full sets of cables, not just interconnects or speaker cables. Speakers, for instance, can comprise more than one cabinet per channel, and CD and LP playback may require more than one chassis each. I immediately wondered if some particular amount of DC voltage was optimal, or if more voltage was mo’ better.

Still, I was interested in AudioQuest’s DBS and in discovering if it did indeed represent a credible new approach to specialization in audio cables.

It was as though there were more sonic pixels and they were nudged closer together, presenting a soundscape that was sharp, rich and vibrant all at the same time. A small button and LED on each allows testing of the batteries, which AudioQuest claims will last for years, presumably because they are connected to nothing — no component other than the test LED — that presents a load.


If I could choose either and not have to pay for them! There are interconnects and speaker cables designed for use with specific audiowuest of electronics and speakers, those that use in-line networks, and those that connect to outboard chassis that perform all manner of functions.

It sounded just a touch sweet when compared to the bulk of speaker cables I’ve heard, some of which sound more whitish and others more coppery.

Think of it a bit like when you have audkoquest filings and a magnet. In summary, I couldn’t fault Volcano, but I didn’t find any one thing about its sound that I thought stood out, which begs the speculation that it seemed to do everything well. However, in combination with Sky, Volcano took on a slightly lighter, more energetic auddioquest that I preferred to Golden Reference. Features Sky uses “Perfect-Surface Silver PSS solid conductors, which are said to minimize ‘distortion caused by grain boundaries that exist within any metal conductor,’ and Teflon Air-Tube insulation, which has ‘almost nothing but air around the PSS conductors.

After getting used to this, reconnecting the DBS on all of the cables brings back the sense of endless space and vibrancy. Volcano resides between these two hues — a very light gold, let’s say.

Comparing the sound of these two cable sets is an exercise in unearthing and explaining subtlety, as sonic differences were never huge.

The soundstage of the AudioQuest cables seemed a bit wider and deeper than that of the Cardas cables, but nothing was compressed with Golden Reference, so this may have been due to LMV listener mood variation more than anything real.

Used audioquest sky for Sale |

AudioQuest calls its application Counter-Spiraling Earth-Feature Geometry, and it makes for a speaker cable that’s thick and somewhat stiff. The eight positive and eight negative conductors spiral counter to each other, the band of negative conductors on the outside of the positive conductors, so that the conductors cross each other instead of run parallel for the length of the cable.

For Sky, these include Perfect-Surface Silver PSS solid conductors, which are said to minimize “distortion caused by grain boundaries that exist within any metal conductor,” and Teflon Air-Tube insulation, which has “almost nothing but air around the PSS conductors. Sky uses “Perfect-Surface Silver PSS solid conductors, which are said to minimize ‘distortion caused by grain boundaries that exist within any metal conductor,’ and Teflon Air-Tube insulation, which has ‘almost nothing but air around the PSS conductors.


Use “It seemed apparent from the outset that AudioQuest’s claim that its DBS kept the cables in a ready-to-use state was the truth. All in all, Sky and Volcano appear to be thoughtfully designed cables, a far piece from generic wire pulled off a spool and terminated with crimped connectors.

Golden Reference sounded rather like the Volcano speaker cables alone — very good at everything with nothing calling attention to itself. Yes, the cynical among us would say that cable companies like AudioQuest change their product lines simply to spur sales, but these cynics are often blinded by their own dogma and won’t admit that they may not have all of the facts. AudioQuest has found that 50 volts is the threshold above which the benefits of additional voltage are “pretty subtle,” according to Harley.

It sounded just a touch sweet. When the magnetic field is more powerful, more iron filings are aligned. Here, again, the space between the two musicians became an important element in the recording’s charm, but the texture of both instruments stole the show.

Detail is never thrust at you — there is no forwardness or aggression — but every musical gesture, no matter how small, is present and accounted for. Sound Volcano “has a big, robust presentation that’s not particularly light or dark, fast or slow.

On the other hand, I could argue that Sky and Volcano are more neutral because they let more of the space, smoothness and silence of each recording pass. Both are handsomely made and incorporate many of AudioQuest’s signature design elements. What I found was that after listening for weeks with DBS, listening without it led to a less spacious, more blunt presentation, which made the music sound smaller. Sky is AudioQuest’s top interconnect and uses silver conductors, while Volcano has a similar geometry to the top speaker cable but uses copper conductors.