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Aqwal E Sahaba. Uploaded by Best Urdu Books .. Documents Similar To Aqwal E Sahaba. Qasas Ul Anbiya by Allama Ibn E Kaseer. Uploaded by. Best Urdu. Documents Similar To Aqwal-e-Sahaba (ur). Sayyad e Na Umar Bin Khattab (R.a)Shakhsiyyat Aur Kar Naame. Uploaded by. Aqwal e Sahaba Pdf Book – A Great Collection of Urdu Quotes Mery Sahaba Sitaron Ke Manind hen Jis ke bhe Peervi kro Gye, Hidayat Pa Jao Gy (Hadith).

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This section contains too many or too-lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. Quran, sura 8 Al-Anfalayah 72 [10]. Indeed, He was to them Kind and Merciful. They have become accustomed to hypocrisy. And their description in the Gospel is as a plant which produces its offshoots and strengthens them so they grow firm and stand upon their stalks, delighting the sowers—so that Allah may enrage by them the disbelievers.

Spiritual Books – Aqwal-e-Auliya Manufacturer from Delhi

According to Sunni scholars, Muslims of the past should be considered companions if they had any contact with Muhammad, and they were not liars or opposed to him and his teachings. So, that includes the one who remained with him for a long or a short time, and those who narrated from him and those who did not, and those who saw him but did not sit with him and those who could not see him due to blindness”. The title is frequently used by scholars of the different Sunni schools of thought.

The first link is preferably a companion, who had direct contact with Muhammad. Later scholars accepted their testimony of the words and deeds of Muhammad, the occasions on which sajaba Quran was revealed and various important matters of Islamic history and practice.


This section uncritically uses texts from within sqwal religion or faith system without referring to secondary sources that critically analyze them. And Allahwith what you do, is Acquainted. Shias further argue [ citation needed ] that the righteousness of Sahabah can be assessed by their loyalty towards Muhammad’s family after his death and they accept hadith from the Imams of the Ahl al-Baytbelieving them to be cleansed from sin through their interpretation of the Quran, surah 33 Al-Ahzabverse 33 [26] and the hadith of the Cloak.

Because the hadith were not properly written down until many years after the death of Muhammad, although there were many individual written copies, the isnads, or chains of transmission, always have several links.

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Aqwal E Sahaba (RA) By Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal Sahar اقوال صحابہ

Why did they [who slandered] not produce for it four witnesses? Why, when you heard it, did not the believing men and believing women think good of one another and say, “This is an obvious falsehood”?

But those of [blood] relationship are more entitled [to inheritance] in the decree of Allah. An Encyclopedia of the Prophet of God [2 volumes]”. December Learn how and shaaba to remove this template message. And if they seek help of you for the religion, then you must help, except against a people between yourselves and whom is a treaty. Wikiquote has quotations related to: If you fear Allahthen do not be soft in speech [to men], lest he in whose heart is disease should aqaal, but speak with appropriate speech.


22 best Aqwal e Sahaba images on Pinterest in | Islam quran, Islamic quotes and Allah islam

Do not think it bad for you; rather it is good for you. Those are greater in degree than they who spent afterwards and fought. The Prophet said, “The people of my generation are the best, then those who follow them, and then whose who follow the latter.

The Shia claim that Muhammad f his succession during his lifetime at Dawat Zul Asheera then many times during his prophethood and finally at Ghadeer e Khum. You, [O Muhammad], do not know them, [but] We know them.

If a disbeliever sees Muhammad and then joins the Believers after the demise of Muhammad, he is not a Sahaba; nor is a person called a Sahaba if he converted to Islam afterwards although he had seen Sahxba as a Muslim. And when they do not produce the witnesses, then it is they, in the sight of Allahwho are the liars. Indeed, those who came with falsehood are a group among you.

The Oxford Dictionary of Islam. The Sunnis regard them as the Mothers of the Believers Arabic: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The second and third links in the chain of transmission were also of great interest to Muslim scholars, who treated of sahqba in biographical dictionaries and evaluated them for bias and reliability.