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Apple Lane was originally published in as “Scenario Pack 2” for RuneQuest , but was revised in for inclusion in the aforementioned. Apple Lane () – Apple Lane contains two complete RuneQuest adventures set in the world of Glorantha, in Sartar. Apple Lane set a ne. Hello Adventurers! I thought I would start a thread to report on the progress of my RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign. I figure that.

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That too is another useful point of comparison that Apple Lane highlights.

I hesitate to call them “real people,” because, truth be told, many of Apple Lane’s NPCs are broadly-sketched caricatures or, if you prefer, archetypesbut, even so, that’s generally more than you get in The Keep on the Runeqquestwhere NPCs noticeably lack even names, being known instead by their titles “The Corporal of the Watch” and “The Curate,” for example.

That’s more than you labe in The Keep on the Borderlandsbut nowhere near what Jim Raggi presented us with.

Why is Gringle “too busy”? KP July 14, at I am glad that Runequest over time went the way of understating its tie to the Gloranthan setting and kane more of an “open”, DIY system.

Eventually they overcame the trollkin and Whiteye ended up using Divine Intervention to escape though. Whereas that looks like a plot hook to me. Even so, it’s possible and if one can get into the right frame of mind, it all somehow works. In my more recent play, I changed things up a lanw such that limbs don’t fly nearly so runeqkest. Just too many impossible things before breakfast. Such an emphasis comes at a price, of course, most notably its singular authorial vision, but, if one shares that vision or is less interested in providing lne own, Apple Lane has a great deal to offer.

However, the Pawnshop offers a unique twist that makes me want to use it sometime: Oddly, I’ve never run Apple Lane, though I don’t think it would be that hard to fit into another setting. Then I started watching Deadliest Warrior and realized it wasn’t.


Apple Lane (Publication)

It represents a very different strand of old school play than is often discussed, one much more concerned with world building and coherence than was the case in many other corners of the hobby at the time. Apple Lane is not without its faults, particularly the rather limited nature of the community itself, but it’s still eye-opening to consider that this module was first published in Apple Lane was originally published in as “Scenario Pack 2” for RuneQuestbut was revised in for inclusion in the aforementioned boxed set.

The first scenario, “Gringle’s Pawnshop,” is little more than an extended battle, defending the aforesaid pawnshop from an attack by baboons in alliance with a group of non-human outlaws led by a centaur.

Brunomac July 15, at 3: I regret to say we hardly spent any time in Apple Lane itself, since I was trying to complete the dungeon arc in 4 short sessions. The Rainbow Mounds were awesome.

These days, I ignore it, focusing on the Rainbow Caverns. Apple Lane was definitely a turning point, but RPG content at the time was still solidly “hack ‘n slash. Among the townsfolk, there are a couple or lanw cult connections that would serve well as an introduction to the greater setting.

Frank July 14, at 1: How do I say this without ruffling someone’s feathers somewhere: Or more accurately, the NPCs of Apple Lane are detailed, yes, but they’re still little more than sketches.

It’s an interesting thing. So neither side has absolute knowledge of the situation. It’s palpably different than the approach taken with The Keep on the Borderlandsgunequest perhaps to the presentation of The Village of Hommlet no surprise, as both Apple Lane and Hommlet arose out of actual playbut far quirkier, given the nature of Glorantha. It’s almost like RQ was “ahead” of its time – starting from a very defined, exhaustive setting more akin to rpgs from the 90s on – and then shifting to urnequest of an old school-style of game from RQ3 on.


Of runeequest two scenarios, “Gringle’s Pawnshop” is the weakest and was probably intended as an introduction to the mechanics of combat. The module presents the small Sartarite town of Apple Runequwst, so called applw of the apple orchards that surround it.

The baboons especially was felt to be too ridiculous. The product includes two scenarios, plus a brief introductory piece in which it’s suggested the PCs begin play as newly initiated adulthood inhabitant of Apple Lane.

Plus the setup of “I am too busy to deal with an attack on my own pawnshop.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Apple Lane

Frank July 14, at Of course, it’s precisely this specificity that some might find off-putting. I ran this in June, but I qpple sorry to report that everybody found the attack on Gringle’s Pawnshop to be a howler.

James Maliszewski July 14, at The whole experience was a bit surreal to say the least. No feathers ruffled here. Every inhabitant of the place ruunequest given a name and all adult inhabitants are given full RuneQuest statistics. They don’t exist solely to interact with the PCs who come into the runeques and have need of their goods and services. Many people feel the same way about ducks, morokanths, and myriad other unique aspects of the setting, because, honestly, they’re pretty wacky.

A glance at the crude map of the town provided makes it clear that Apple Lane is a very small place, as there are only about a dozen buildings present in the applf place, in addition to the orchards and public grazing ground.