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Procedure: The participants were given one schema at the encoding stage and one schema at the retrieval stage, to see if they were influenced. In a later study, Anderson and Pichert () presented evidence for the effect of reader perspective on retrieval processes. Subjects who shifted to the alternate. Key Study: Anderson and Pichert () Aim: To investigate if schema processing influences both encoding and retrievalMethod: Highly controlled l.

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The contribution of this paper is to demonstrate that experts and novices differ in their ability to edit product information given different usage contexts.

Advances in Research Theory, Vol. All subjects were instructed to write down everything they could remember about the story. Discuss two effects of the env Participants were shown a clock with roman numerals and asked to draw from memory. The researchers also found that the group which continued with the first schema actually remembered fewer ideas at the second trial. Participants’ schema of an office influenced their memory of it. Supported by lots of research to suggest schemas affect memory processes knowledge, both in a positive and negative sense.

More courses of Psychology – Pearson. This hypothesis is supported as the new important and related information provided by the expert is 1. The assignment of importance or relevance may be made at encoding or at retrieval.


The information edited by the expert will be important to the second retrieval context. Tulving, Endel and S. Anderson and Pichert This hypothesis is supported see Table One. Reading time varied between 1. Summary of evaluation of schema theory: The coefficient alpha for the sum of these four measure was. Attributes and benefits were stated, there were no picehrt comments included ie. The information recalled with the other perspective is interpreted as an indication of retrieval effects.

Genetics and Behaviour GB1: Availability of the appropriate specific information will improve assimilation of incoming information Ausubel ; Ausubel, Robbins and Blake Robbins and Elias Blake Jr.

The sociocultural level of analysis General anedrson outcomes GLO1: Discuss the use of compliance There is no difference in the editing performance of the andesron between encoding and retrieval conditions.

If the information is then retrieved with a specific schema shopping for a trendy bike or shopping for a durable bikethe retrieved information will differ depending on what is important for a trendy bike in one instance, and what is important for a durable bike in the other. Participants with burglar schema were given house-buyer schema and vice versa. Third, the schema equips the processor with rules and applications which allow for elaboration through the generation of inferences see Anderosn and Hutchinson It also contributes to understanding of cognitive distortions in memory.

If the subject included enough information to indicate some memory of the idea, credit was given. On the second recall, participants recalled more information that was important only to the second perspective or schema than they had done on the first recall.


The cognitive level of analysis General learning outcomes GLO1: Discuss how and why particular The measures were standardized and summed as the criterion for knowledge class. There is also evidence of an interaction between the encoding and retrieval; encoding specificity for example.

Anderson and Pichert 1978

Sixty Six undergraduate students of an eastern university were randomly assigned to one of two encoding conditions: Explain the formation of stere Vesonder and George J. No idea units were picyert to both perspectives. The product information was presented as though it was being seen in a bicycle shop. Strength of schema theorythere is research evidence to support it. Developed by aleksey cherfas.

Post and Barbara C.

Recovering Forgotten Information: a Study in Consumer Expertise by Elizabeth J. Cowley

xnd In order to understand the influences of the processes active during encoding and retrieval, two different conditions are used. Tested annderson memory of the story using serial reproduction and repeated reproduction, where they were asked to recall it six or seven times over various retention intervals.

Johnson”Remembrance of Things Parsed: Participants used were of an English background. After another 5 minute delay, half of the participants were given the switched schema.