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Como es el caso de muchos otros entusiastas de historias relacionadas con la exploración polar, mi aventura personal se inició hace muchos. Robert Falcon Scott, nado en Devonport, preto de Plymouth o 6 de xuño de e Javier: Amundsen-Scott: duelo en la Antártida Fórcola, Madrid, ISBN. Libros Antiguos, Raros y Curiosos – Geografía y Viajes: Amundsen-scott duelo en la antartida, la carrera al polo sur, javier cacho gomez. Compra, venta y.

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But, has rarely been the case that two groups of men were thrown at the competition so well coordinated that seems to have been a judge who had fired the starting gun, let alone anhartida last big challenge enfrentasen was left to: Did you know that Scott sent a letter shortly before his good friend from the Scottish writer James Matthew Barrie creator of Peter Pan entrusting the future of your child?

Do you think the lack of food weighed both the final outcome and that four men have been saved? We share the lx with you http: And how could it be otherwise, in this context of rivalry have multiplied the topics. The figures of the two leaders have become antagonistic and the world is divided between supporters and followers of Scott Amundsen, accumulating each side arguments to disparage the successes of his rival.

Amundsen – Scott, duelo en la Antártida: La carrera al Polo Sur (Spanish Edition)

duleo This is all that keeps us inexorably to its true value dimension in the feat that these men carried out and will not be repeated again until nearly half a century later and the team repeated the march to the South Pole on board didair support to locate the best route and the ubiquity of communications kept them united to the world.

Also, Sott is seen in Western man with his new technology that wants to conquer nature, while Amundsen associated with traditional methods of adaptation to the nature of man, that, while partly true, so is that Scott was in line with more traditional Western method of polar exploration: While any significant event in the history of mankind has been associated with a logical impact on society, the adventure of conquering the South Pole had implied some ingredients such that, from the first moment, overflowed any forecast.


Often the struggle was maintained for decades, even centuries, until someone lifted the coveted trophy to have achieved what was previously unattainable.

And so, with man’s intellectual antartidz of the XXI century, we, pointing-with varying success- mistakes in one or another, without realizing that as we distance ourselves from the amundssen when events antsrtida more we move away from the ajtartida of understanding.

Without outside support depended only themselves to deal with all contingencies that will arise. So, still unknown when the fate of Scott news of the tragedy of the British came almost a year after the success of the Norwegian Amundsen traveled the world into crowded receptions, while the rights to publish his book beat all records.

No maps and no weather forecast is penetrated almost blindly in a world completely unknown.

El terrible sur | Cultura |

Also, for a population accustomed to the use of Amunden to navigate to the streets of their city, which provides satellite communications even in the most remote place on the planet, and in case of an antarttida knows he can count on the considerable resources that society makes available, we find it hard to imagine the challenge faced by those explorers. So the race comes down to choosing the right method of transportation: And all this paled before the emotional impact that swept the Western world, and of course Great Britain, The fate of the Scott.

Welcome to Javier VaP. Maybe they were other times where nations that sought scientific challenge national pride over people.

But that legacy has certainly been the history. And as in duels, it also ended sadly with the death of one of the two protagonists.

Diputació de Barcelona /BARCELONA

From that moment on, the views, books and studies to try to explain the reasons which sn to the victory of the Norwegian antartidda, especially, the causes of the disaster of the British. Thank you very much and congratulations on your work. For all this, and some things, I think it was fair that those two groups of men, than a century ago faced the challenge of conquering the South Pole, deserve, although one of them lose the race, the obtaining of the glory.

In the history of exploration is not rare among men and nations racing to be the first to arrive at a singular point of the planet. A gem of entry, both the text and photos.


qntartida Perras the Horses, when in the best Scott hoped to use horses rather than a quarter of the total travel. I admire them tremendously but then I think of those who left behind family, always in the background behind your dreams. No communication had to be powerless withstand the consequences of their own mistakes or bad luck, which were all.

Robert Falcon Scott

Since then both Scott and Amundsen deserved the glory of reaching the South Pole I would have liked to been Schakleton bubiese, course and both were exceptional men, but I think Scott, from what I’ve read, could make a fatal mistake at the end: Much less than the last great challenge enfrentasen’s remaining human on the planet: This was what happened just now made years, two groups of men from different countries, cultures and preparation, led by two leaders with very different conceptions of leadership and exploration, took part in an epic duel that developed in the coldest region, desolate and barren of the known world: So, critics often accuse him of Amundsen boundless cruelty to dogs, but clear, to an urban society like ours, where pets are almost the object of devotion, it is very hard, if not impossible, to understand the pragmatic behavior that the rural world was a century ago with the animals.

Effectively, it was mainly to cross the finish line first, but that does not detract one iota of epic race for the Pole similar to that developed after the fountains of the Nile or the moon.

Everything has been tested again and again: A duel between those two, Amundsen y Scott, one duel against a pitiless nature would not forgive the slightest mistake and a duel against themselves, that led to the limit their ability to organize as his own physical strength against the elements.

Cool Video complicated to be summarized to three years of hard voyage in less than five minutes. There are not really aware of what they thought these polar expeditions current research.

If they had stood just a few days more would have come to camp with provisions I think they were twelve miles.