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AIKIDO nici na w for Life ww. *****. PROVER. Gaku Homma. North Atlantic Books , Berkeley, California. Nippon Kan, Denver, Colorado. WR. Aikido Nippon Kan Dojo and Founder Gaku Homma Sensei Aikido Volume 1, Aikido for Life, Children and the Martial Arts: An Aikido Point of View, and Aikido. Gaku Homma’s in-depth study of the relationship between Japanese Aikido for Life Published by North Atlantic Publishing, Berkeley, California;

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Content This book explains a sort of a controversial look on Ki.

Aikido for Life

Aikido for Life does not try to be simply an instructional manual. Contents Your Life is Your Dojo. From that position, there is no way one can attack. Like I said, I have read small books that read slowly, but this one was just not keeping me fully on my toes.

Format Even though there are no pictures, there are illust The author of this book, Master Gaku Homma, studied under the founder of Aikido himself Morihei Ueshiba and his son. Steven Patterson rated it it was amazing Sep 20, REIT is the way we bow. We bow to honor the art and ourselves for taking our cor to learn it? Return to Book Page.

Used it as my manual for my years of teaching Aikido to children. But not all forms, teachers, and martial arts dojos are the same. The author expands on the idea of why do we bow when we enter the training hall. To find additional information about Nippon Kan Headquarter Board members click below. I would like lifw give you a bit of history about Aikido as I have experienced it during my lifetime.

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Why did I rate this book poorly or should I say less then usual? Kenjutsu and Taijutsu Sword and Open-hand Movement Relationships is a remarkable interpretation of the foundation of Aikido technique.

How can parents make an intelligent decision? Overall the book is not bad and might be interesting to some, but for me even a small book as this one was dragging on and on. Personal Note Any book is not just for entertainment, but to educate.

Sure I have read books that are small with a lot of meaning, but this one is trying to jump between the theory and techniques. Thousands of students have benfitted from Gaku Homma’s form of dynamic Aikido. I’m sure i will look back on this book in the future.

Aikido for Life – Gaku Homma – Google Books

Although Aikido Nippon Kan aikiod an independent organization, my loyalty will always remain with the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba. Andrew rated it really liked it Nov 16, Children and the Martial Arts: I’ll refer to it often. Absolutely the best book on Aikido I have ever read. This is a wonderful little book that I expect to return to over and over again as the years go on.

Books by Homma Kancho

Common terms and phrases actions acupressure aihanmi katatetori Aikido class Aikido exercises Aikido movements Aikido practice Aikido techniques Aikido training attitude back roll become beep beginning students body movements bokken bubbles calm child course daily defender demonstrator direction dojo easily enemy energy exhalation extend face fall feel Figure fists footwork four different attacks fried rice front Gaku Homma give grabbing happens ikkyo undo important individuals inhale instructor Iriminage Undo Japanese martial art Judo katatetori shihonage knife live look martial artist martial arts training mind mistakes mountain move NIPPON NIPPON KAN open hands open your hands partner person position positive mind practice Aikido previous technique problem push realize right hand rowing exercise Shiatsu shihan sit in seiza situation smoothly starting step stretching exercises sweat teaching tell tend tenkan undo tense things throw turn ukemi understand whetstone.


Format Even though there are no pictures, there are illustrations that are cartoon like for examples of techniques. In the older days the guest or the inferior would sit in that position in front of the host or a master to enforce the sign of respect.

Ward rated it liked it Dec 31, The book is similar in structure to the beginners class at Nippon Kan. Jun 09, Travis rated it really liked it Shelves: I did enjoy not only the simple way in which Homma Sensei explains Aikido and it movements, but also the connections between the forms of Aikido and its extension out of the dojo.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Mark Murray rated it liked it Apr 09, There is a touch of historical explanation about the techniques as well as why it is still practiced today. Jim Judy rated it liked it Aug 08, Instead, I studied Aikido independently. Seiza is a proper sitting etiquette when you are listening to a master.

According to Homma, at the age of 14, he liife sent by his father to train in Iwama under aikido founder Ueshiba Morihei. Lists with This Book. How can one explain to you something that you can not see? Mar 24, Eric F Knox rated it it was amazing.