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Aethra Vega X7 Use and installation manual 2 Aethra Vega X7 Use and installation manual 3 Welcome Thank you for choosing a AETHRA® SpA. Product. Lastmanuals provides you a fast and easy access to the user manual AETHRA VEGA X7. We hope that this AETHRA VEGA X7 user guide will be useful to you. Dear can i reset aethra vega x7 unit?? – Aethra [JN] VEGA X5/ N IP ONLY SET TOP-DEMO []. Posted by kewal on.

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To enable this function: Tools Section Text field. Once connected, an XGA remote signal automatically changes the viewing vgea to BigLittleScreen mode; once in this mode, surfing inside menus will let back again to the MultiScreen viewing mode. These devices should be located along the communication path at every point where a NAT and Firewall are present. Close the window by means of the OK icon, or with the X icon to discard selection.

Aethra vega X7 Manuals

Note To correctly configure remote server connection parameters, please contact your network administrator. Thus, you can avoid storing any unnecessary documents and keep only those which are valid. High Max data, no audio, no video. To do this, select the yellow padlock on the status bar and press OK. A dialogue box will appear to request confirmation of streaming activation. But we are facing problem to do multi-video conference.

Local video will no longer be transmitted. I see no video camera signal in Self View aethrra the picture is dark. By pressing MUTE key you can activate the mute function, that is local audio will manuual longer be transmitted. Dual Video transmissions can be initiated by either the Audio-Video calling or called terminal.


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RTP information corresponding manhal both streams. Data channel optimization to the detriment of audio video still active Max data, audio, video. The NAT device substitutes the static IP address in the payload and header setup packet sent from the internal terminal to the external terminal. Never use solvents, such as alcohol or gasoline, to avoid damaging the finish.

The network type X. To make an automatic call: Interfaces This option performs an internal test of the following interfaces: Download the update to a folder on a connected PC. If the IP address is multicast, streaming will be sent aethrz a multicast group identified directly by the IP address, enabling viewing by a large number of users theoretically unlimited.

Most common video communication terminals normally use the High Security prime number length and the bit AES private key. Press the switch on key on the System rear.

Aethra vega X7 Manuals

More Print this page Share this page. Username Aethra, Password Network administrators are unlikely to do this and wisely sosince it effectively eliminates network security policies. Main functions of the system can be performed using: Select the transfer rate. From the drop-down menu, you can also select the length of the cable connecting the System to the Primary Rate access socket used.

Enter a name for the terminal Country Name: If it is multicast, there is no theoretical limit to the number of connected clients. To leave the presentation, press the HOME key on the remote control. This enables a user on a local network to exploit the System as a kind of bridge in order to manage T. Where the following downloads are proposed: Port for server signaling Default is The System provides a direct link to streaming page, using the address: Use the integrated diagnostics see related manual section.


In order to obtain information on the activation of these functions, please contact your system supplier. Once Dual Video is activated, if the receiving terminal is set up with two monitors, the user will be able to see the two video streams simultaneously.

OK on the remote control. Download Data Conference Selecting this mode, the system shows two side-by-side equal-sized pictures: Selecting this mode causes the system to display two side-by-side, equally-sized frames.

Aethrra 99 The NAT device substitutes the static IP address in the payload and header setup packet sent from the internal terminal to the external terminal. The destination terminal receives call setup packets, examines them and starts to transmit audio and video towards the terminal from which the call was received, and from which the IP address was obtained by examining the contents of the received packets.

V oice and Content aiming at improving comprehension and. Outputs In this page you can configure audio flows sent to the System Audio outputs. Conformita’ Fcc15 Classea The follows instructions refers to “Pioneer” monitors.