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AAOIFI Governance and Ethics Board Approves in Principle Exposure Draft on ‘ Sukuk . AAOIFI Officially issues the Exposure Draft of Governance Standard on . Content. Overview of AAOIFI. AAOIFI Governance Standards – on Shari’a. Supervision and Compliance. AAOIFI Auditing Standards. Appendices. Overview of AAOIFI AAOIFI Governance Standards – on Shari’a. Supervision and Compliance. AAOIFI Auditing Standards Appendices. Overview of AAOIFI.

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Permissible vs Forbidden Discounting. Takaful – Wakalah Model. Islamization of Finance Sector: Mudarabah as a Mode of Finance. Hammoudi puts the problem this way: Default Penalty – An Alternative.

Selected Riba-Safe Transaction Modes. Salam and Istisna — Background. Issues in Pakistan Supreme Court Response.

Distinguishing Characteristics of an Islamic Economy. Speculation and on Demand for Money in an Islamic Economy. Waqfs in the Philippines. Behavioral and Institutional Setting.


Disbursement of Zakah Funds. Islamic Principles of Finance. Principles of Taxation Policy. Key Role for Zakat Committees.

AAOIFI Standards –

Poverty from the Wealth of Nations. Some Misconceptions of Islamic Banking. Comments on Fiscal Policy in an Islamic Economy. Carrying Business of Service.

Accounting Auditing and Governance Standards

Role in Member Countries. Discussion on Discounting of in Project Evaluation. The Fate of Tenants’ Right to Pre-emption: Desirable Strategy for Isalmization. Principles of Distribution of Profit to Mudarba Depositors. Mechanism of Fiscal Policy. Positive Time Preference as Basis for Discounting.

Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions

Institutional Buildup at Grassroots. Achievements, Impacts and Prospects: Direct Investment and Islamic Syndication. Honesty in Public Funds.

Govrenance on Host Societies. Diminishing Musharakah in Trade. Tabung Haji Investment History: Poverty in an International Context.

Comments on Discounting of in Project Evaluation. Pakistan Specialised Financial Institutions: Role of Fiscal Policy.

Generosity of the Treasurer. Features of Islamic Approach. Over the next year, AAOIFI will continue with our on-going work to develop a number of new standards and revise existing standards in order to ensure that the standards can support further growth of the international Islamic finance industry.


Discussion on Current Islamic Banking.

AAOIFI Standards

Takaful Insurance – Explained. Bangladesh Achievements, Impacts and Prospects: Prudent Use of Public Funds. Criteria for Appraisal from the Riba Angle. Mudarabah — Distribution of Profit. Hire-Purchase Leasing in Islamic Finance. Required Rate of Return in an Islamic Economy.

Behavior of the Producer. Three Levels of Interventions: Penalty – late payment of rent. Malaysia The Future — Vision Malaysia Planning for Growth and Equity: Judicial Activism After Zia: