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NEGATIVE VOLTAGE REGULATORS These regulators can provide local . ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS FOR LC(refer to the test circuits, Tj = 0 to. 3-TERMINAL 1A NEGATIVE VOLTAGE REGULATORS LM ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS .. This datasheet contains specifications on a product. Linear Voltage Regulator, , Fixed, Negative, V To V In, -6V And 1A Out, TO KATU – Linear Technical Datasheet: KATU Datasheet .

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Shop Power Transfer Switches. The main reason is because the series pass transistor is used as a Class A power amplifier which is known for its low efficiency and power loss in the form of heat.

Shop Panel Mount Indicators. Telecommunication measuring equipment Cable and pipe tracing Datasheeet networks IT networks Optical networks Spectrum analysers more Magnetic and Reed Switches. Shop Light Pipe Products. This IC is known for its high efficiency and will clearly replace all 3-terminal linear voltage regulators.

Travel and Brief Cases. Thus, the current flowing through the potential divider can be written as. Shop Power Supply Accessories.

Voltage Regulator 7906

Suitable for a broad range of applications. The LM A Voltqge was also developed by National Semiconductors and is used as a switching regulator for applications like dc-dc voltage converters, inverting configurations and buck-boost converters. Shop Emitters and Detectors. Shop Power Entry Module Accessories. Shop Magnetic and Reed Switches. Because of thermal shutdown and current limiting, devices in the LM series are almost indestructible.


Shop Lamps Light Bulbs.

Voltage Regulator, UA | Loging Electronics

Shop Inductive Signal Couplers. You may also like: Shop Industrial Rectangular Connectors. KIA Voltage regulator, -6V, 1. These regulators provide a constant output voltage. Computer components Hardware Network Notebook-Battery.

Shop Electronic Enclosure Accessories. Comfort Flexible options, including door to door transportation. A simple switching regulator is designed with the mix of circuits that we already know.

Don’t show this to me again and take me directly to the cart. Shop Bar Code Readers.

Thus, the power dissipation is lessened and thus can carry heavy load currents at low voltages with less bulky heat sinks. According to the type of use of the IC, an external current limit terminal may be referenced to either the Ground terminal Pin 4 or the the Vin terminal Datashert 8. Thermal shutdown is a feature that will turn off the IC as soon as datasehet internal temperature of the IC rises above its preset value.

By controlling the duty cycle of the pulse generator, the duty cycle of the input voltage to the LC filter is controlled. It is an integrated circuit whose basic purpose is to regulate the unregulated input voltage definitely over a predefined range and provide with a constant, regulated output voltage.

The negative adjustable voltage regulators are available in the same voltage and current options as the LM devices. Furthermore, there is a maximum input voltage because of excessive power dissipation.


The IC is known for its flexibility in design by providing output pins for the collector Pin 6 and emitter Pin 5. The LM series of adjustable voltage regulators is a complement to the LM series devices. Shop Tool Accessories and Parts.

Shop Solar Power Combiner. How can i apply the adjustable voltage regulator in pitch indicator panel monitoring datasheey of the ship vessel Astern — ahead of the ship. The figure above shows the application of LM IC as a voltage regulator.

You’ll still have a chance to review your order. In switching regulators the output voltage is regulated by controlling the switching time of feedback circuitry which includes a reference voltage ; that is by adjusting the duty cycle. The resistors R1 and R2 determine the output voltage Vout.

Voltage regulator

Request Lead Time Minimum Quantity: I am also not an electrician so the easier answer the better. Product Added to Cart. Shop Basic Snap Action Switches. Due to the conditions above, the same current flows through R1. Adjustable Voltage Regulator An adjustable voltage regulator is a kind of regulator whose regulated output voltage can be varied over a range.